ARCHIVE: Programme 2019


Jury Awards

Best Documentary Evidence of the Evidence
Best Documentary Lumpkin, GA
Best Student Documentary What’s Your Wish?
Best Fiction Shortwave
Best Student Fiction The Stain
Best film by a young Filmmaker Bosa

Audience Awards

Best Documentary Lumpkin, GA
Best Student Documentary Eyes of a Survivor
Best Fiction Are You Volleyball?
Best Student Fiction Interview
Best film by a young Filmmaker Bosa



All of This, We are Going to Defend

caitlin manning – United States – 15:56 An indigenous community in the highlands of Chiapas seeks to extract themselves from the agrochemical juggernaut. Trailer:

Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf

Hope Tucker – United States – 16:40 Atomkraftwerk Zwentendorf is a monument to the power of public protest and the potential of a democratic vote. Trailer:

Green Army

Nicolas Kieffer – France – 18:30 A groupe of ecological terrorists confines a billionaire with a curious mission. Trailer:


Aƒáim Vasiƒá – France – 08:00 “A predator stalks his prey, but things don’t turn out as expected.” (a short film against sex harassment) Trailer:

The entropy of all things

tony hickson – United Kingdom – 03:00 A dystopian tale of Brexit Britain . The UK’s love affair with Europe is over, with Brexit we say our last goodbye Trailer:

short wave

Mohamad Esmaeeli – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 15:00 Early in the morning, a worker, tired of night work, comes back home. The speech of a dictator from a loudspeaker in the street disturbs his rest. He decides to stifle the annoying noise as best he can, but on this path, he loses himself. Trailer:

The Zero Percent

John Osborne – Canada – 04:00 “The Zero Percent” is an animated video created for a song by the same name. Written and performed by U.S. composer Joseph Bell, this piece is one of a number of songs from a yet to be produced animated film called “Defiance”. This video explores the inequities in todays society around the subject of money. Trailer:


Are You Volleyball?!

Mohammad Bakhshi – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 15:00 A group of Arabian spoken asylum seekers arrive to an English spoken country border and can’t keep going. They conflict with border soldiers everyday till a deaf-mute baby becomes a catalyst for better communication between two groups. Trailer:


OPENDER CHANANA – India – 19:00 My documentary is startling revelation about the abysmal working conditions in Bollywood which is now laying claim to be global giant and churning out thousands of hours of content. The technicians and workers are deprived of social security and long punishing working hours take their toll on their health. The basic and fundamental safety measures are absent leading to accidents with unfailing regularity. Basic facilities such as clean toilets and hygienically prepared food are not accessible. In nutshell human rights are violated on sets and locations with impunity Trailer:

Alberta – The End of Dirty Oil?

Reel News РUnited Kingdom Р24:17 In Alberta, Canada, the long oil sands boom has come to an end. Falling oil prices are leading to thousands of job losses – which has started a serious conversation in the labour movement about transitioning away from oil to renewables. The need for a just transition is becoming more urgent as the big oil sands companies look to maximise profits and slash even more jobs through automation. This film looks at a number of initiatives, the history of oppression of First Nations people to get the resources in the first place, and a rare chance to hear from oil sands workers themselves, including women and First Nations workers. Trailer:

Dying For A Living (10minute)

adriana falcinelli – United Kingdom – 10:00 A sensitive, contrasting portrait of Shaun Morris, a 57 year old extroverted undertaker living hand-to-mouth in Southampton. Surviving on a zero hours contract, the opportunity of a permanent job appears which could change his life dramatically. This story is a sensitive, touching portrait about Shaun, a self-deprecating, witty undertaker who is struggling to earn enough money for basic human needs, rent, food and clothes, but who attains self-fulfillment via his noble profession of undertaking. As we follow him on his pursuit of a full-time contract with his firm, we listen to Shaun’s reflections on his life and the choices he has made. The two accomplishments he is most proud of is doing his job well and producing a well rounded 21 year old daughter. Through his story we understand our innate survival methods, our need for acceptance and validation from others and that maybe talking about our own death isn’t so bad after all. Trailer:


Jeremi Skrodzki – Poland – 09:15 A short documentary about a green enclave in the city center of Warsaw. Filmed on the 35mm tape. Trailer:

It’s wet !

Alexis Godard, Nan Huang – France – 07:18 A narcissistic woman lives without worrying about the world around her and ignorant of the natural cycle she is part of. It is by reaching the limits of her self-esteem that she will have to open herself to the world and find a solution to the malfunctions she has caused. Trailer:


Shoresh vakili – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 12:42 The old man of the cinema salon cleaner after the release of the movie takes care of he stain on the screen … Trailer:



Aitana Serrallet – Spain – 13:05 When Lucas finds out that Driss, his best friend, has been sent back to Morocco with his uncle, he decides to start a crazy adventure and go to look for him. In Morocco he meets Ibrahim, a sub-saharan who is waiting for an opportunity to cross the fence in the Spanish/Moroccan border and a another close friendship is born. Trailer:


Laura Barley-Tayler – Australia – 07:13 A mother’s priorities cause issues for her daughter. Trailer:

The Journey of Story Float

Yung-Lin Chen – Taiwan – 05:30 In this film, we designed an Ei-Ga (the story float), and used the roles of a traditional story: Journey to the West to depict a river filled with human-made garbage and that therefore the Ei-Ga were unable to move forward. In the end, with the cooperation of all the people, we cleaned up the garbage at the bottom of the stream, so that the celebration parade could continue. With this show, the people in the town learnt and understood that they should not litter or pollute the environment, and they should lead a clean and tidy life. Trailer:


Anastasija Bräuniger РGermany Р08:05 Located in a refugee camp in southern Lebanon, a group of kids are confronted with a camera man Рa western eye on their story of war and crisis. They flip the script and take over the situation. What follows is a game, a chase and an interview where the children decide to ask the questions. The film was made possible by SWISS4SYRIA in a cooperation with director Anastasija H. Bräuniger. Working with theatre pedagogic tools and the medium film, as creating a script, ideas and means of expression together with the children, INTERVIEW is the result of an inspiring, challenging, fun and moving one-week-process. Trailer:


Barry Mitchell – Australia – 06:45 Children in a cave listen as a woman, who might be their aunty, tells the story of how their ancestors destroyed the world. Trailer:

Like and Follow

Tobias Schlage, Brent Forrest – Japan – 02:05 When a kid starts spending time in the real world, it’s up to his smartphone to bring his attention back to where it belongs. Trailer:

People on the Street Barking

Yuan KONG – Germany – 01:33 There are so many different languages existing on this planet. We have created them in order to facilitate our communication. However, do we really communicate? Do we really listen? Do we really allow others to fully understand? Sometimes, how we talk to each other is just like dogs barking. Trailer:

whats your wish

jalal veisi – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 15:00 The child is a traditional way of life and its implementation in the third world that causes their social problems in the future … Trailer:

14,000 Metal Boxes

N.R. Goldsmith – United Kingdom – 03:05 According to the recent IPCC report, individuals and governments have 12 years to radically change how we live our lives if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. According to the report, governments and individuals have to radically change; how we travel, heat our homes, what we eat and how we consume resources. Modern economies are largely based on consumption. Economies are often measured by ‘consumer confidence’. Struggling economies depend on a ‘consumer led recovery’ to pull them back into growth. In the West, we are hooked on consumption however, this must change if we are to avoid the forecasts detailed in the IPCC report. The video ‘14,000 Metal Boxes’ is part of an ongoing project aimed at raising awareness of the scale of consumer culture. The ship in the video carries up to 14,000 twenty foot shipping containers, the largest vessels currently at sea can carry over 21,000 twenty foot containers. These ships normally exist over the horizon and out of sight. The aim of the video is to confront the audience with the enormous size of the vessels that make consumer culture possible. The ship appears to swallow itself at the end of the video this could be interpreted as global trade consuming itself.

Blue Light

Harriet Francis Croucher – United Kingdom – 03:49 Emergency service personnel talk about the realities of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and its impact on their lives and their families.


Eyes of a Survivor (+Q&A)

Daryl Brown – United States – 18:00 An experimental intake of Ojore Nuru Lutalo as he recounts the 22 years he spent in political isolation, and the flourishing comradery he built with prison abolitionist, Bonnie Kerness, whose work supported him and other prisoners. Q&A Director Daryl Brown has travelled all the way from the U.S.A. to answer your questions outside the cinema bus straight after the screening. Trailer:


Paul Lambert – United Kingdom – 04:59 “A national debate takes control of one person‚Äôs mind.” Trailer:


Charlot van Heeswijk – Germany – 02:35 FREI_RAUM is an observation on everyday acts of male dominance, more so than about public transport etiquette. Because the phenomenon of “”Manspreading”” is a symptom of a much larger problem and not just a minuscule thing – it is an act of dominance that is the result of deep-rooted societal privilege borne of our patriarchal society. For all my sisters out there. “”You deserve to take up space.”” – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Trailer:

In West Virginia

Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran – United States – 03:27 Dave Bonta’s Haibun poem about an unexpected car breakdown in a small town, “”In West Virginia,”” the second poem in his recent book, “”Failed State,”” is the inspiration for Jack Cochran and Pamela Falkenberg’s film poem, which finds arresting audio and visual correspondences among landscapes taken over by strip malls, strip mines, and strips of highways. Text of the poem by Dave Bonta: In West Virginia Strip. Lay down your overburden, bare your black seam of heat where the shovels can reach it. Let groundwater tease your acids from the rock. Strip: stripe of highway-side gas stations and inconvenience stores, chain restaurants, big box retailers and motels, each marooned on its own island of tarmac. Nobody calls this home, not even the natives. Strip: supposedly comic, unmoving pictures starring the same faces, day after day. We grimace at the punchlines: Neighborhood Grill and Bar, says the Applebee‚Äôs sign. Oh, do let‚Äôs take a stroll ‚Äôround the Village Square! With our car in the shop we navigate the strip on foot, automatic jaywalkers. The smell of fryer grease mingles with exhaust. Under one streetlight, we step carefully around the corpses of three starlings. Not for them this Mattress World, this Furniture City. singing in the body shop waiting room Jesus loves her Trailer:

Stars White in a Blue Field

Tommy Becker – United States – 04:30 VIDEO, MUSIC & TEXT: written, recorded, edited & performed by T.Becker, 2018 Digital Deconstruction Interlude – Visuals by Kit Young. Sound by Lori Varga and Tommy Becker. A cathartic poem and action. A restructuring of a symbol in an attempt to realign to its inherent values. Trailer:

Lumpkin, GA

Nicholas Manting Brewer РUnited States Р24:10 A fading southern town. A massive immigrant detention center down the road. A mosaic of life in the middle of America’s immigration crackdown. Trailer:

picket intercontinental

Christopher Reeves – United Kingdom – 03:00 picket of housing auction at intercontinental hotel where a number of housing associations were selling social housing properties Trailer:

Evidence of the Evidence

Alexander Johnston РUnited States Р20:00 A work of “archival vérité“ and a meta-reflection on the role of the camera as both a weapon and a maker of history, Evidence of the Evidence chronicles the infamous 1971 Attica prison uprising. This radical yet tragic event in the history of the American Civil Rights Movement is represented through a granular and visceral interrogation of a collection of video footage shot by a rank and file state trooper on the ground at Attica. In an era of resurgent racism and authoritarianism throughout the West, Johnston’s film is a timely and urgent work of both agit-prop and media criticism. Trailer:


Latifa Said РAlgeria Р16:49 Tahiti, 35 years old, is Cameroon. Migrant without papers, he lives and works for ten years at the Alger Aero-Habitat building, but without getting any kind of legalisation of his situation. His days go by, always similar, and meanwhile his family, still in Cameroon, pushes him to come back as soon as possible. Disappointed, he’s ready to leave everything at the slightest opportunity to join his family in his native country. Trailer:


Semi Finalists

Mohammad Sadeq Esmaeili – Iran, Islamic Republic of – 29:56 7 women who live in a frontier village in south-estern of iran, cooperating together to afford their livelihood, they decided to find a way to release their husbands who are in the prison since 18 years ago because of drug deeling . Trailer:

Lucha Sí! Fight for Public Education in Puerto Rico

Jennifer Wager, Poonam Srivastava, Jennifer Wager – Not Specified – 27:00 In the wake of hurricanes, austerity and colonialism, teachers in Puerto Rico are fighting to keep the island’s public schools open. Trailer:


Christopher Reeves – United Kingdom – 01:30 a Spanish teacher working in Bristol talks about the insecurity experienced by foreign nationals in the UK Trailer:

Yule Be Sorry

David Malcolm Rose – United States – 05:17 A veteran reports from the front line of the war on Christmas Trailer:

True North: The Story of a Song

Phil Moody, Carolyn Edwards – United Kingdom – 23:25 Fresh from its sold-out world premiere at the UK’s Leeds International Film Festival in November 2018, this short documentary of and by Yorkshire-based Commoners Choir sticks two fingers up at the corporate side of arts funding. Join Boff Whalley and the combined force of three unique and eclectic choirs from Northern English cities Leeds, Manchester and Stockton as they take Newcastle’s Great Exhibition of the North by storm. Along the way, they battle unethical sponsors and tricky four-part harmonies to perform a specially commissioned song in an unforgettable live performance outside SAGE Gateshead in June 2018 – a song that seeks to define the North through its history, geography and sense of cultural identity. Trailer:

” “


Sam Vinal – United States – 24:07 LOGLINE On the banks of Louisiana, fierce Indigenous women are ready to fight‚Äîto stop the corporate blacksnake and preserve their way of life. They are risking everything to protect Mother Earth from the predatory fossil fuel companies that seek to poison it. STORY SYNOPSIS L‚ÄôEAU EST LA VIE: FROM STANDING ROCK TO THE SWAMP follows water protector Cherri Foytlin as she leads us on a no nonsense journey of Indigenous resistance to the Bayou Bridge Pipeline (BBP) in the swamps of Louisiana. At the film‚Äôs opening, viewers are introduced to the Atchafalaya Basin, which was once a Maroon colony–a critical hub of Indigenious and black resistance. Cherri recounts her first-hand experience with the environmental destruction caused by the BP oil spill and how it devastated a local crawfisher man and his way of life. This event caused Cherri to take a hard look in the mirror and asked herself–how did I contribute to this and what can I do to change it? It‚Äôs in that moment that the fire of resistance is ignited and Cherri‚Äôs life takes a sharp turn. This seed grows into the L‚Äôeau Est La Vie Indigenous resistance camp led by a council of Indigenous women, including Cherri Foytlin and Anne White Hat. As the documentary unfolds, we get an on the ground glimpse into the 100+ non-violent direct actions that laid the base for the strongest resistance in Louisiana history. Imagine a badass environmental activist dressed in red, with matching painted finger and toe nails, climbing a pipeline crane 60 feet in the air to shutdown a worksite. Imagine a fierce Indigenous warrior making a powerful call for public support when the police have their boot on her back and their arms around her throat. Picture what‚Äôs possible when people decide to fight for their community and bend the arc of justice to the grassroots. The backlash to Cherri‚Äôs work has been ongoing death threats and physical violence. And although that violence was meant to silence her, we hear from Cherri that it actually took away her fear and emboldened her organizing. This film delves into the complex reasons that compel organizers to risk everything, including their lives, to protect their communities from irreversible corporate harm. “”If our leaders won‚Äôt stand up to stop this pipeline and protect our water, then we the people of Louisiana will. We are building the L‚Äôeau Est La Vie camp to protect our water and our way of life from the Bayou Bridge pipeline.”” -L’eau Est La Vie (Water is Life) Camp Statement The L‚ÄôEau Est La Vie (Water is Life) Camp is an Indigenous resistance camp fighting the Bayou Bridge pipeline from a place of love. Bayou Lafourche provides drinking water for 300,000 people. That drinking water will be contaminated when (not if) this pipeline leaks. The fight for water didn‚Äôt end in Standing Rock. The Bayou Bridge Pipeline is an extension of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) built by Energy Transfer Partners. We‚Äôll hear from Patch, a water protector, who followed the black snake (pipeline) from his homeland in the Dakotas down to the swamps of Louisiana. Next the film travels to the Black historical Freetown community of Saint James Parish in ‚ÄúCancer Alley,‚Äù Louisiana. We meet Eve Butler and Sharon Lavigne, residents who are fighting back against industry and the Bayou Bridge Pipeline that‚Äôs trying to get into their already poisoned community. The film takes us to a march against a new chemical plant that wants to come in, Sharon‚Äôs daughter chokes up as she tells her community about her 3-year old child whose ‚Äúnose doesn‚Äôt work‚Äù due to the overwhelming petrochemicals in the area. Saint James residents are plagued by environmental racism which manifests as debilitating cancer, birth defects, asthma and skin conditions. That‚Äôs why it‚Äôs critical that L‚ÄôEau Est La Vie Camp and the St. James community are fighting back together. This documentary is grounded in Indigenous world views that, to the world‚Äôs detriment, have been historically marginalized or actively and violently erased. Through Cherri‚Äôs charisma, humor, and heart-felt facility with words, a multigenerational audience from diverse backgrounds can connect to her humanity and be pulled into the larger struggle for Indigenous Sovereignty. Cherri brings to the forefront the possibility of resistance, perseverance, and the power of what is possible, even in the midst of deep personal pain and a multinational corporation with billions of dollars and the backing of state forces. The film reveals that this struggle is not over a singular pipeline. Rather, the pipeline is one piece of an ongoing legacy of colonization and slow genocide. At the heart of the struggle is a battle between people and profit. We learn from Cherri that to confront the multiple interconnected issues threatening our planet, we must be radical in our imagination and bold in our actions–and that most of all that the fight must be rooted in deep love. The fight for water and life continues in the Bayous of Louisiana! Come along on the journey. Trailer:

” “

Beyond The Pointy Hat

Shannon Meilak – Australia – 06:13 Witches are often portrayed as wart faced hags, riding around on broomsticks and adding eye of newt to their bubbling cauldron. But, have you ever met a real witch? Join four everyday Australians as they embark on a journey of truth, joining one very friendly witch and her coven, for a night of magick and ritual. The film has received the following awards and recognition: BRONZE AWARD WINNER ‘Virgin Spring Cinefest’ FINALIST ‘Cult Critic Movie Awards’ SEMI-FINALIST ‘Los Angeles Cinefest’ ‘Utah Film Festival & Awards’ OFFICIAL SELECTION ‘InShort Film Festival’ ‘Rome Independent Prisma Awards’ ‚Äã’Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival’ ‘Miami Independent Film Festival’ ‘Malta Film Festival’ ‘Dumbo Film Festival’ ‘CoSM Women’s Visionary Film Symposium’ ‘Setting Sun Film Festival’ ‘Newlyn International Film Festival’ ‘Watford Short Film Festival’ ‘Every Woman Biennial Films’ ‘BoVi Film Festival’ *English or Italian subtitles available upon request. Subtitles in other languages may possibly be available if needed. IMDb Page: Trailer:

” “

Flag of Eden

Pyotr Frontov РRussian Federation Р13:07 It’s been 5 years since Ukrainian Crimea was annexed by Russia. The film is exploring Crimean life in the post-truth era, when the voice of common people is overlaid by governmental propaganda. 5 heroes express their opinion on the situation in Crimea under the Russian flag, talk about their hopes and fears. Real lives of characters are hidden under the official Russian position, full of enthusiasm, bravado and imperial pride. Moreover, propaganda romanticizes militarism and imperial expansion, making it desirable and «sexy» for Russians. While Crimean «homecoming to Russia» as media call it, is considered as the main Russia’s achievement of the century, «home-comers» themselves don’t feel that confident about their future. Trailer:

F*** You, Betsy

Heather Gardner РUnited States Р19:27 In the fall of 2018, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced she would be rescinding Title IX guidelines for colleges’ handling of sexual assault cases. This documentary explores what implications these changes could have for survivors, colleges, and our society, and how we ended up here in the first place. Trailer:

Technological Protection Measures

– Not Specified – 00:00 Trailer:

Tank Man

Robert Anthony Peters – United States – 14:40 Tank Man is the story of the iconic gentleman who stood in front of and stopped a line of tanks after the Tienanmen Square massacre of June 4, 1989. All that is know of this man are the images that were recorded of his acts. This film is a speculation of what he went through the day he took his courageous steps 30 years ago. Trailer:

The Ghost of Jane Elkins

Colette Copeland – United States – 03:37 Music composed by William Harper Ghost played by Lacrecha Oudems Synopsis: The video recounts the story of the 1st person to be hung in the state of Texas. Reflections on the Way to the Gallows (2010-2013) is a series of 11 videos that embrace experimental narrative based on historical documents. Filming at the sites of former gallows, the work questions the consumption of death for public spectacle while uncovering hidden histories, making the absent/present. Trailer:


Tom Schlagkamp – United States – 10:00 While Millennial Roxy is struggling to find her place in life, every move she does is connected to the digital world – even her therapist is an Artificial Intelligence. But soon she is having more and more trouble to distinguish between her online world and the real world. Trailer:


Marit Mei-tsan Stafstrom – United States – 13:13 A cyborg woman risks everything to rescue her daughter – her clone – from a dystopian industrial facility. Somewhere between past and future, between truth and artifice, Orchid is a complex and boundary-pushing metacinematic study in the sci-fi genre. An ultra-low-budget film created from scratch by a cast and crew of women of queer and immigrant experience. Trailer:

Post-historical dreaming

Rumena Trendafilova – Austria – 18:22 Post-historical dreaming is a film which uses fiction as a mode of criticism and reconsideration of pressing societal memories. Bulgaria has moved on from the communist regime, but has yet to recover. While the crave for a future and abandonment of the past is stronger than the feeling of nostalgia, the Gods of this future require a sacrifice of the old icons. The icons of the past are replications of a former utopia: The movie is telling the socialist monuments’ hidden stories. From the perspective of a dreamlike state, it is looking for the life and death, ambition and lost cause, belief and rejection, all hidden behind a concrete fa√ßade. An ambivalent quest for rebellion and peace between a society in transition and utopias of the past‚Ķ In a desperate search for balance… The film was created as a Master Thesis project in architecture at the Academy of fine arts, Vienna. Post- historical dreaming proudly carries the Honorary award for artistic work of the Academy of fine arts, Vienna. Trailer:

” “


Thomas Hamill – United Kingdom – 16:07 Sam and James each live in caravans opposite eachother in the ruins of an industrial site. They are both chained to their caravans so they are out of reach of one another. Sam is performative, telling stories to get James to come out of his caravan. James is introverted and is more preocupied with the plants he keeps. Their relationship and its limitations are pushed when James witnesses a man die in front of him late one night. The film was inspired by a personal encounter with psychosis. Trailer:

” “


Christopher McGill – United Kingdom – 09:00 Logline: A gay asylum seeker journeys into a queer underground club to get the evidence he needs to prove his sexuality to the authorities. Instead he relives his traumatic past on the dancefloor. Synopsis: After fleeing for his life, a gay refugee files for asylum in Scotland. Lacking evidence, he decides to photograph himself in the dark techno world of a queer underground scene. Based on accounts of real-life African LGBT refugees and the challenges they face during the asylum process, Crypsis is a raw depiction of a grim reality obscured by vitriolic public debate about refugees and the broken system that surrounds them. Please Note: Film will be professionally colour graded, mastered and mixed to Dolby 5.1 Surround. Trailer: