Small Axe Awards 2022

Jury Prize

Dark Cell Harlem Farm Documentary
Stockholm Agreement Documentary (Student)
Men Crying Fiction
Heavy: The Tale of Two Junkies Fiction (Student)

Audience Award


All Films Screened at Tolpuddle 2022

Friday 15th July


Arturo Dueñas Herrero | 2020 | Documentary | Spain | 15:00

Life is going on in Dakhla, one of the Sahrawi refugee camps in southern Algeria, forgotten for 45 years. The celebration of a film festival, the Fisahara, breaks the monotony. The event ends, life (and oblivion) continues.

Total Disaster

Keil Orion Troisi, Molly Gore | 2022 | Documentary | United States | 11:28

Trickster environmental activists pretending to be oil behemoth Total stage a satirical press conference to introduce “RéHabitat,” a plan to rescue animals from the East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France. Using humor and mischief, they shed light on a deadly ecological and humanitarian disaster.


Betsy Stern | 2021 | Documentary | United States | 1:04

Now! is a video I made about the end of the era of the car. This video is as abrupt as the undeniable evidence of Climate Change. When I was a very young child, my mom spent years fighting to protect us from what she and others knew for fact was coming with the environment, and those changes have now arrived. I hear her still in my memory talking about how we got here. But where are we going now and how are we going to get there?


Uncovered: The War on Iraq

Robert Greenwald | 2004 | UK | 56 min

A 2004 documentary film directed by Robert Greenwald that builds the case that the George W. Bush administration intentionally deceived the American people in order to justify going to war in Iraq in 2003.


On Your Behalf

Ana Garcia Rico | 2021 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 16:27

We all have pet peeves which irritate us. They may seem like insignificant things, but who of us has never muttered the phrase ‘I could kill them’? Ava goes one step further and puts these thoughts into action.

To Be Touched

Tuulia Soininen | 2022 | Fiction | Finland | 7:00

An experimental dance short film about a young woman’s experience of touch. It is about trauma, having the right to one’s own body and its experiences and how to set boundaries and respect them.

Men Crying

Cate Smierciak | 2021 | Fiction | United States | 8:30

A one night stand-off.


War Feels Like War

Dir: Esteban Uyarra | 2014 | UK | 59 min

A compelling account of the brutalities of 21st Century war, told through the eyes of independent journalists. Esteban Uyarra’s film documents the lives of reporters and photographers who subverted military media controls to get access to the real Iraq War.


HERMAN@S (SiblingX)

Hélène Alix Mourrier | 2021 | Documentary | France | 28:24

One night in October 2011 in Mexico, a mysterious bird dream gives birth to Cuco, a transgender latex pirate.



Molly Stuart | 2019 | Israel | 1hr 15min

Like all Israeli youth, Atalya is obligated to become a soldier. Unlike most, she questions the practices of her country’s military, and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Despite her family’s political disagreements and personal concerns, she refuses military duty and is imprisoned for her dissent. Her courage moves those around her to reconsider their own moral and political positions. Objector follows Atalya to prison and beyond, offering a unique window into the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the perspective of a young woman who seeks truth and takes a stand for justice.


Hope for Humanity

Adam Neale | 2022 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 2:18

We recently created this animation for a short story called ‘Hope for Humanity’, about social change and the importance of treating all sentient beings with respect. This piece mixes the issues of veganism and freedom within a deeper spiritual context which provides a solution for the consequences of humanities fate.

Just Do It

Antonia Kinlay, Laurence Dobiesz | 2022 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 12:30

Mark’s trying to finish his novel but everyone tells him long-form content’s dead. ‘Make a film instead,’ they say. ‘Just do it! Shoot something short. Shoot something funny.’ Mark follows their advice and his film may be short, but no one’s laughing about what he shoots…

Work it Class! (ENG)

Pol Diggler | 2021 | Fiction | Spain | 8:00

During a fancy New Year’s Eve party, two dancers will try to mock the upper class audience by changing the song of their performance.

Saturday 16th July


The Wheel

Metîn EWR | 2021 | Fiction | Turkey | 13:42

In the 1990s, some newspapers were not allowed to enter the Diyarbakir region, under a state of emergency at that time, although they were legal. Children like Bawer and Hebûn, who were part of the distribution group, would secretly collect these newspapers from outside the city at a previously agreed location and take them to the planned meeting place in the city. There, the children changed their clothes and went out to distribute them, under the guise of other work. But they were constantly followed by those who saw the newspaper as dangerous and wanted to prevent its dissemination. Çerx is a testament to the conditions under which these newspapers were distributed to readers and the difficulties encountered.

Black Tea

Reneque Samuels | 2022 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 2:09


Monkey Business (English version)

Jan Beyen | 2021 | Fiction | Belgium | 6:16

Available in 11 languages — For children: a fable with monkeys representing humans: a bad ape causes quarrels between two other tribes in order to obtain their fruit, but the other monkeys see through his plan, forgive him and teach him how to grow fruit. For less innocent spectators : Arms producing countries cause conflicts and this way they force their allies to buy weapons. In the best case the arms are never used, but even then the purchases have an enormous impact on the well being of the population. Can we refuse to be turned against our neighbours ?



Stockholm Agreement

Tanja Holm | 2022 | Documentary (Student) | Sweden | 20:00

A story about the world’s perhaps strangest peace talks. The war has turned Yemen into the greatest humanitarian catastrophe on earth. Five million children risk starvation. The warring parties are taken to Sweden for UN-led negotiations. Everyone hopes that this is the first step towards peace. But chaos surfaces. * And here also a slightly longer synopsis: The war has turned Yemen into one of the greatest disasters on earth. Something has to be done. The United Nations asks Sweden for help. And two delegations from Yemen arrive to the castle outside Stockholm, and begin to negotiate for peace. The world media is also present, as is journalist Manal Alwesabi. She is from Hodeida, a port city at the center of the fighting. A short documentary about a historical week with UN-led peace talks on Yemen, and an agreement that was said to be the beginning of the end of the war.



Occupying the Hulme Hippodrome

Dean Cooper (AKA vj decoder) | 2019 | Documentary (Student) | United Kingdom | 12:06

A short film about an old abandoned Music Hall Theatre in Hulme Manchester, I originally just went to photograph the old building which is amazing. But I ended up making this little documentary and spending a lot of time there as I found the recent history of the building just as fascinating as it’s past.

The Outlanders – from HKG to SEA

Azure Kwok | 2022 | Documentary (Student) | United States | 11:36

After the 2019 Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement in Hong Kong, a young Hongkonger chose to leave her hometown and made her way to Seattle. She talks about how this decision marked a pivotal turning point in her life.


How Do Animals and Plants Live?

Sherry Millner, Ernest Larsen | 2020 | Documentary | United States | 26:56

Is it true that translation creates the basis for a new commons? If so, how? The video essay How Do Animals and Plants Live? is an inquiry into the forcible eviction and immediate demolition of the self-organized anarchist-supported migrant squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki, Greece, in July 2016. An on-site interview with a young West African migrant, detailed exploration of the bulldozed ruins of the old orphanage, and performative translations from a Greek-language children’s schoolbook (How Do Animals and Plants Live?) that the filmmakers found (amid the rubble when they broke into the site)—these elements are all interwoven with strikingly relevant yet unexpected visuals sparked by questions translated directly from the book. 



‘Labour – The Big Lie’

Christopher James Reeves | 2022 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 30:00

Platform is making a documentary about the crisis in the Labour Party. The film will explore how this suppression of dissent and the marginalising of voices on the left strikes at the heart of our politics not just in the Labour Party but much more widely. The film will ask: how can the party be reformed, and free speech and democracy be renewed? What is the way forward for the Labour Party?



What Travelers Are Saying About Jornada del Muerto

Hope Tucker | NaN | Documentary | United States | 13:45

Residents of and visitors to the Tularosa Basin of New Mexico, site of the first detonation of an atomic bomb, contribute to the production of public memory as they offer logistical advice, philosophical reckonings, and plaintive cries about making “the journey of the dead.” Made in remembrance of the 75th anniversary of the detonation of nuclear weapons in Japan and the US and the 340th anniversary of the 1680 Pueblo Revolt. Made in resistance to nuclear colonialism. *video continues after end credits* “Tucker’s way of representing the historical past makes us reconsider what the past historical time should be and what kind of action we should take to commemorate it.” Kim Taein, Curator of Museum of Contemporary Art Busan


Night Shifts

Justyna Kabala | 2020 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 7:28

The short animated documentary film addresses issues faced by healthcare professionals working night shifts at UK hospitals through a detailed account of a junior doctor’s experience. Accompanied by a rendered animation of a hospital environment, the interview transcript, read by a voice actor, discusses the responsibilities that working for the healthcare sector entails, the effect the work has on the worker’s health and wellbeing, and the broader systemic issues affecting individuals working for the National Healthcare Service today. The 3D architectural visualisation of the hospital was developed based on the interviewee’s descriptions of their work environment. The film was created as a public-facing output of a broader research project conducted in collaboration with researcher Enora Robin and CG animation artist Tom McCaughan. Special thanks to the NHS workers involved in the project.


Under the Shadow of the Wall

Taylor Genovese | 2022 | Documentary | United States | 9:29

This video essay focuses on the landscapes of the Sonoran Desert—and the project of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico—as a way of investigating the manner in which something as seemingly generic as a wall can take on particular political and affective forms. This short provocation explores the ways that violent and distasteful objects create, and subsequently come to characterize, malevolent spectacles.

Sunday 17th July


To cut a tree on a green moon

Felipe Esparza | 2021 | Documentary | Peru | 8:45

From the diary of Christopher Columbus, October 15, 1492: “And deviated from the land by two lombard shots, there is in all these islands so much depth that one cannot reach it. These islands are very green and fertile and have very sweet airs, and there may be many things that I do not know, because I do not want to stop to go through many islands to find gold”. They had only been on land for four days. The gold never existed. It is only possible to suppose the sweetness of the air. The islands are still green.

The Traditional Brazilian Family KATU

RODRIGO SENA | 2019 | Documentary | Not Specified | 25:00

Produced in the year 2007, a photographic essay realized in recognition of the indigenous roots, portrayed twelve adolescents belonging to Eleutério do katu, RN Brasil. Twelve years later the photographer returns to katu in search of these protagonists, now adults, to know about his personal trajectories and his world views.


The Golden Age

| 2021 | Documentary | United States | 11:05

An experimental documentary examining the traumatic history of being a woman at work in the animation industry. I put myself into conversation with a generation of women who were not given the opportunity to work in animation or to earn acknowledgement as artists. Each manipulated frame is an ode to the disregarded labor of women, wielded to create films that told young girls to dream.


Joanna Suchomska | 2022 | Documentary | Poland | 14:45

MATKA / POLKA [MOTHER / POLE] is a meditation on what it means to be a woman in today’s Polish society. As a collection of stories – all verbatim – from waiting rooms, gynaecology chairs, abortion clinics, and bedrooms, the documentary bears witness to everyday acts of patriarchy and systemic violence. Adopting a poetic visual language, MATKA / POLKA breaks the taboo around the experiences, emotions and identity of Polish women who have faced the country’s strict reproductive policy and social prejudices to make decisions about their own life and body.


A Life Inside

Nicole Rixon | 2021 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 6:45

Thrilled to become a mum Carrie’s confidence is shattered when the pandemic hits. Written by a first-time mum during lockdown, A Life Inside is inspired by a tapestry of candid first hand accounts. It explores a side to the pandemic that has affected thousands of women, whilst tackling the taboos of shame and guilt surrounding motherhood.

She’s The Protagonist

Sarah Carlot Jaber | 2021 | Fiction | Belgium | 14:01

The Protagonist, by her given name, is presented to us in her natural environment : a jungle, sadly, often lacking in density. But today enough is enough! Being the mother, the secretary, the lover, the nanny, the baby bottle, the side piece of the main male character is no longer enough for our dear Protagonist ! Put on “mute” after the allocated time for female* characters in a film was reached, she runs away with her friend Voice-Over for a new journey with plenty of humor.


Heavy: The Tale of Two Junkies

Benjamin Rummans | 2021 | Fiction (Student) | United States | 10:56

We go on a journey with two Heroin addicts, Brain and Dead, as they try to scratch together enough money to get their much needed fix, by any means necessary.

Embers of War

TING TU | 2020 | Fiction (Student) | China | 13:07

This is a story about the impact of war on a family. In 2019, the survivors of the Chongqing Bombing are now elderly, some of whom still have bomb shrapnel in heads, scars on bodies and ,most importantly, psychological trauma in minds. They hold annual memorial meetings to commemorate their dead compatriots, go to Japan to sue and so on. By creating a dialogue across time and space and using the combination of a short film and a documentary, this work explores the trauma of war and hopes the world will remember history and cherish peace.


Dark Cell Harlem Farm

Alexander William McKie Johnston | 2022 | Documentary | United States | 26:46

Set against the backdrop of the long history of the Texas prison system–from Juneteenth to Covid–Dark Cell Harlem Farm explores the death by suffocation of eight Black men at a prison plantation in 1913. Combining readings of primary source materials and personal reflections by formerly incarcerated individuals, footage of the prison landscapes where the incident took place, and a series of graphical interventions and excavations, the film makes an urgent and uncompromising argument for the impossibility of prison reform and the necessity of prison abolition.



Mark Hensley | 2022 | Fiction | United States | 19:00

After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babies with birth defects down, Jamie decides to flee to Canada on the eve of his 35th birthday.


Announcement of Awards

The Small Axe Jury and Audience awards will be announced.

Semi Finalists

Great films that we would love to show if we had more time…


Yousra Ahrram, Rania Assadi, Sadok Derbali, Shanna Lefebvre, Kenzo Lernould, Adam Saouti | 2021 | Young Film (Made by filmmakers under 18) | France | 00:13:00

Synopsis: This short film follows a group of young people living in hiding, addressing issues such as surveillance, facial recognition and the right to privacy.

In 2020-2021, Kendra McLaughlin and Felipe Esparza worked on a workshop to produce a short film with two classes from the Pierre Mendès high school in Tourcoing. From writing to shooting, the students were actors, cameramen, sound and lighting technicians, and were able to discover the different stages of filmmaking. Through a collective writing process, the school hallways were transformed into post-apocalyptic environments of the future (in the years 2336 and 2337, to be exact).


Mathis MARQUETTE, Noam MIECZNIK, Romain HENNEBELLE, Aaron TARTARE, Nicolas VANBERGUE, Sylvain POPIEUL | 2021 | Young Film (Made by filmmakers under 18) | France | 00:14:00

Synopsis: This short film examines how transhumanism and electronic recycling intersect, based on testimonies from workers and robots. Using the tools of science fiction and improvisation, the diptych reveals the links between our collective imaginations of the future(s) and the reality of a group of young people today.

In 2020-2021, Kendra McLaughlin and Felipe Esparza worked on a workshop to produce a short film with two classes from the Pierre Mendès high school in Tourcoing. From writing to shooting, the students were actors, cameramen, sound and lighting technicians, and were able to discover the different stages of filmmaking. Through a collective writing process, the school hallways were transformed into post-apocalyptic environments of the future (in the years 2336 and 2337, to be exact).

A conversation with E

esabella anna karena strickland, Taylor Mitchell, Mary Skylar Larkin | 2020 | Young Film (Made by filmmakers under 18) | Canada | 00:05:03

When a girl playfully responds to a mysterious post-it note, she finds herself unable to escape the conversation she began…

A Day in Arada

Marco Di Nunzio | 2021 | Documentary | Italy | 00:17:07

Arada is not only the old city centre of Addis Ababa. In the slang of the streets of Addis Ababa, being Arada means being smart and cool. Since the 1960s, sex workers, intellectuals and street hustlers engaged with ideas of “Arada” to describe themselves and make sense of their lives in the city. Combining still-image cinematography and participatory storytelling , “A Day in Arada” narrates the struggles of being an Arada and what is to achieve respect and recognition in the midst of exclusion.


Reza | 2021 | Fiction | Iran, Islamic Republic of | 00:30:00

Misunderstanding causes the unwanted death of a girl named AY SAN. We see the story from three angles of mother, father and brother.

Blue Eyes

Peter Gould | 2020 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 00:08:18

Jenny is a train driver. One day during a routine journey a young woman jumps in front of her train, killing herself instantly. Jenny is traumatised. Everyone tells her it wasn’t her fault, and she must put it out of her mind. But she can’t erase the image of the woman. She had blue eyes.


Discarnate: McLuhan’s Wake

Gordon David Pepper | 2022 | Documentary | Canada | 00:16:45

This experimental documentary film explores the unique personality and intellectual brilliance of Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan, including his uncanny predictions regarding the effects of communication technologies on culture and society.

Don’t Text Your Ex

Jo Güstin | 2021 | Fiction | Canada | 00:13:52

Surviving a global pandemic being queer, cute and still in love with your ex.

Eat The Rich (short version)

Niven Wilson | 2022 | Fiction | United States | 00:10:00

You are what you eat

Eli Nazik

Mehmet Tığlı | 2021 | Fiction | Turkey | 00:07:51

Eli Nazik is a short film which was shot on smart phone. Eli Nazik is a delicious Turkish dish. It also means ‘gentle hand’. Saliha lives in a poor district, shoots food recipe videos with her daughter Derya and posts them on their social media channel called “Mother and Daughter”. On all of these videos that they shoot for money, hidden from her husband, Saliha’s hands are to be seen only. During the shoots of the “Eli Nazik” video, her husband comes home from the village before the expected time, and the tragic truths get revealed.

Grandpa Ernest Speaks

Madeleine Bazil | 2021 | Documentary (Student) | South Africa | 00:29:22

In 1939, a young Jewish man named Ernest Lowy makes a bold and narrow escape from his native Czechoslovakia, seeking safety and opportunity for his family as World War II intensifies. In the late 1980s, an elderly Ernest recounts his life story over the course of a 75-minute cassette tape at home in New York City. It’s the first and only time his children and grandchildren hear him speak of the Holocaust, or of his life before immigrating to the US. Another three decades later, filmmaker Madeleine Bazil decides to finally do something with the audio memoir of the late great-grandfather she never knew.

We follow Bazil over three years as she charts a journey to retrace Ernest’s steps across two continents: investigating the man himself, as well as how Ernest’s life story and the trauma he underwent have a ripple effect on present-day family dynamics. Collaging together a multiplicity of testimonies, archival artefacts, and perspectives, the documentary exemplifies the fragmented nonlinearity of memory as well as reflects the complexities and layers of our own individual identities. A 29’ poetic and self-reflexive documentary, Grandpa Ernest Speaks considers the nature of posttraumatic memory; how it is transmitted, archived and witnessed; and how each generation and descendant carries and considers memory in their own way.


Hannah Sullivan | 2021 | Fiction | United States | 00:06:11

A comedic satire about pregnancy, ageism and medical practice–told by a pregnant, dancing, female filmmaker.

Home is where the scars are from

Mathias Seebacher | 2021 | Fiction | Austria | 00:29:22

Andi is a “squatter“ – he is part of a group that occupies buildings in Vienna. He considers them as family. One night, out of a misery, his sister seeks refuge with her little son in the squat. The following days Andi has to act as an unconventional kindergartener for his nephew. It intensifies the relationship to his sister which brings to light some of their shared past.


Roxanne Wright | 2022 | Fiction (Student) | Canada | 00:01:59

An inspirational short film to create awareness and build self confidence.

Message to girls who feel out of place as though they don’t belong.



Pip Woolley | 2022 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 00:10:14

Alone in a strange flat, no one is watching. One woman takes advantage of the silence and the privacy to transgress societal boundaries we all take for granted – escalating further and the day wears on.


Joe Vuckovic | 2021 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 00:13:53

Adjusting to life without her father, struggling school girl Jessica finds herself a daily target, of friends Cassie and Jade.


Charlotte Siebenrock | 2005 | Fiction | Germany | 00:06:57

OPEN is a short film about a long story: about the possibilities of love, three women, chances and the omnipotence of fear and threat.

Repeated Times

Rohat Merwan | 2022 | Fiction | Turkey | 00:14:32

After the taxi driver Siyabend’s suicide, his friends take over the taxi. They take half of the income themselves and give the other half to Siyabend’s family. But there is a reverse cycle..


Kevin Morosky | 2021 | Fiction | United Kingdom | 00:03:19

Love and misogynoir are in the air

Stick hit the fan

Nina Damjanović | 2021 | Young Film (Made by filmmakers under 18) | Croatia | 00:08:22

During office hours it is mandatory to wear a face mask. But to eat her irresistible salty sticks, Nina needs to take off her mask, even if her colleagues resent that a lot…

Teacher of Patience

Carmen Vincent | 2022 | Documentary | United States | 00:28:22

Over 20 years after Emily Felter is diagnosed with Down syndrome, paramedic (and Emily’s father) Tom develops a presentation to share her story with other first responders. As the Felters work to raise disability awareness, they come face-to-face with the struggles and joys of their daily lives.​

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Terror Fervor

Phoebe Parsons | 2019 | Fiction | Canada | 00:06:00

Informed by experimental films from the 1960s and 70s, Terror Fervor takes the viewer on a psychedelic non-linear journey through the vices of seven characters. The wordless journey of Terror Fervor plunges the viewer into an experience that is hard to classify and hard to forget.

The Dress Code

Tara Haber Goldstein | 2022 | Documentary (Student) | Canada | 00:02:37

A short documentary about gender identity issues

The Girl From Gaza

Nicolas Aujula | 2022 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 00:20:00

For over a decade the ongoing conflict in Palestine has wrought havoc on Mariam’s life, who with her mother Bara’ah in Gaza is constantly ‘fighting for her future against Israeli occupation, bombs and patriarchal rules’ while feeling like life is spiralling out of control.

Despite living in an open air prison, Mariam finds focus through Taekwondo and education. Many girls in Gaza get the opportunity to study abroad yet the majority never make it out – will Mariam’s dream of a scholarship be her ticket to freedom?

The Jackpot

Alice von Gwinner | 2020 | Fiction | Germany | 00:22:40

Thanks to his best friend Eugenie the chicken, the reclusive Albert finds himself involved in a fateful game of chance that leads him to his true love. But is it really all just a coincidence?

The Parable of the Leaf Blower

Rachel Ara | 2022 | Fiction | Jersey | 00:11:00

A slow, thoughtful and meditative animation with no spoken word by the internationally renowned sculptor Rachel Ara. The film uses leaves as a metaphor for the cycles and rhythms of life. The rake and / or leaf blower symbolise our chosen approach . The film asks us to slow down. It is a time to think for ourselves and reflect on women’s roles, the environment and our approach to life.

The Virus Cross Country: a poetic chronicle (with codas)

Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran | 2021 | Documentary | United States | 00:21:28

In early March 2020, Jack started writing a poem about the pandemic, just as the lockdown started in the US. While practicing social distancing, we turned his poetic chronicle into a film as we travelled between our homes in Austin, TX, and Rockford, IL, and doom scrolled the COVID-19 news on the internet, social media, and our neighborhood apps. We thought Jack’s poem was finished when Texas and Illinois opened back up in late May/early June 2020, but we soon realized we needed him to write a coda, and we continued to film during the Black Lives Matters protests, the resurgence of the virus, and the dangerous use of federal forces in American cities. We can’t foresee how all this will end, but we have already had to add more codas, taking our chronicle through the unthinkable Jan. 6 storming of the US Capitol by right wing insurrectionists in the aftermath of Donald Trump’s failure to accept his loss in the 2020 Presidential election. More codas may still be in the offing, as new variants continue to emerge and Covid craziness takes even more bizarre forms. Whatever happens, we imagine the timeline we trace will be even more chilling to comprehend in retrospect.

Turn Over

TING TU | 2022 | Fiction (Student) | United Kingdom | 00:11:00

A poor homeless man knows there is a lot of food in an art gallery. He sneaks into the art gallery because he is hungry. He eats a lot of cake and then falls asleep in this warm gallery by accident. He lies flat on the floor. He is considered as a performance art by rich people.

When the homeless man wakes up, people clap and shake his hand. He knows what has happened through those people’s actions. He knows it would be a life-changing moment. At this moment, he decides to pretend to be an artist.

It presents a comedic allegory about modern art and a trenchant satire of the disparity between the rich and the poor. It is a comic allegory of modern art and a sharp satire of capitalist class differences.

Ukraine in Fire

Igor Parfenov | 2022 | Fiction | Ukraine | 00:15:00

A camera instead of a machine gun. This was the unshakable motto and rule of our hero — a volunteer, but the war came…

Unspecified Feeding

Danny Bishop | 2021 | Fiction | United States | 00:04:27

A poem about living with an eating disorder.

Water and more water

Francesca Svampa | 2022 | Documentary | Spain | 00:06:12

A dreamlike portrait of Barcelona, shot in double exposure on reversible 8mm film, is interwoven with an intimate “I remember” voice, creating a collage of memories à la Brainard and Pérec.

The director’s personal micro-memories, as a woman, filmmaker and immigrant, evoque the spirit of a time that may never return, constructing a communal heritage.

The act of making this film, involving the haphazardous double exposure and the fragility of the physical film itself, becomes a metaphor for the perpetual tension between memory and oblivion.

Yellow Polka Dot

Tin Nguyen | 2021 | Fiction | United States | 00:17:40

Sandra and Barbara are enjoying a day at the beach with their partners in 1962. The night before they all went out to a night club. The men bonded, as well as the women, albeit in very different fashions.
Password: YellowPolkaDot21


Moxuan Li, Yu Zheng | 2022 | Documentary (Student) | China | 00:06:29

This documentary tells the story of Young, who met a group of gambling addicts during his study abroad, and later fell deeply into the temptation of gambling.

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