Green Gathering

3-6 August 2023

Best Fiction: Paradise

Best Student Fiction: First Work of Mercy

Best Documentary: Picturing Wonderland

Best Student Documentary: Drowning

Fiction: Piss on Patriarchy

Student Fiction: Trash Lords

Documentary: Oluwale

Student Documentary: Drowning

Green Gathering programme

Friday 4th August

11:00 pm

…To The Sea

Ishaan Thompson | 2023 | Fiction (Student) | Canada | 8:00

A Palestinian fisherman tries to breach the naval blockade in Gaza to get treatment for his sick daughter…



First Work of Mercy

Flavio Yuri Rigamonti | 2020 | Fiction (Student) | Germany | 11:13

Alpha has finally reached Europe. After a long and difficult journey, the young refugee, hungry and exhausted, glimpses a small village’s bell tower. A hope soon dashed. Alpha wanders through the rural village in search of help, but no one seems to see or hear him…


11:20 pm

Once means forever

Katarzyna Bińko | 2023 | Fiction (Student) | Poland | 3:37

“Once means forever” is short animated film, which shows us, without delusion, story of young women. Girl who could be any other women. Looking by her’s eyes, we will be troubled by her one day. The day which will change her life forever…


Trash Lords

Raoul Kirsima | 2022 | Fiction (Student) | Estonia | 21:12

One day, a waste sorting mother – son duo Hilse and Tang discover that a nationwide sorting campaign has been launched. They feel a great sense of injustice. They are already doing the dirtiest job in the country and now even that is taken away from them. Citizens walking around …



11:45 pm


Dancing the Fine Print

Louis Norris | 2023 | Documentary (Student) | UK | 3:00

Ranjini’s PhD project is a practice-based inquiry into how the practice and performance of Indian classical dance replicates socio-religious hierarchies within India. In this short film, she examines how the newspaper became a site on which the dancing body is disciplined into a …



| 2023 | Documentary (Student) | UK | 6:23

A solo project and personal reflection on poverty and its affects….




How YOU Can Save Wildlife

Skylark Media, Viva! | 2022 | Fiction | UK | 1:25

How YOU Can Save Wildlife is an animation that raises awareness of how meat and dairy production is driving wildlife species loss and threatening humanity’s survival.

The animation follows a bedtime story told by a father to his son, as he describes how one by one wild animals f…


Love has no Borders

Pamela Oliver Muñoz | 2021 | Fiction | USA | 3:57

Gang violence forces a loving family to leave Central America in hopes of finding a better life only to find more trouble in the U.S….



Morgan Middleton, Charlie Driscoll | 2023 | Fiction | USA | 6:25

In a powerful exploration of racial and health disparities, classical music takes center stage when a father and son confront the ominous figure of Der Erlkönig, the whisperer of death….



Alexander Armas Kereklidis Turpin | NaN | Fiction | Norway | 17:00

4 girls are hiding in a bunker trying to understand Earth’s pain …



Time Spent

Rob Daniel Hutt | 2023 | Fiction | UK | 12:28

Nathan and his girlfriend are struggling with the cost of living crisis in the UK, so when Nathan gets a chance to interview for a dream job, he jumps at it.

After arriving in London for his interview, Nathan finds himself at a luxury apartment which feels a world away from his …


Piss on Patriarchy

Lena Fakler | 2023 | Fiction | Germany | 9:32

Marie is driving on the highway and needs to pee urgently. But the toilet at the rest stop is broken. And an increasingly absurd odyssey through this toxic male biotope begins for Marie – and ends in blood.

Trigger warning: sexualized harassment, violence. …


Nigel Goldsmith | 2021 | Fiction | UK | 4:16

Terminal presents the endless and unstoppable movement of machinery and goods that makes our modern throwaway society possible….

Sunday 6th August

11:00 pm

Twerk for Yemen

Tanja Holm | 2023 | Documentary | Sweden | 10:00

A committed documentary filmmaker follows in the footsteps of the Swedish cult classic I am Curious Yellow and asks people in Stockholm what to do about the war in Yemen. The reactions she encounters and the answers she receives are at the same time deeply distressing and incredi…

Picturing Wonderland

Alfie Elms | 2022 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 8:24

Picturing Wonderland reflects a collaboration between the filmmakers and Maud Rowell, an experimental snapshot of the experience of living with a degenerative blindness. The film explores Maud’s fascinating relationship with the colours of the world around her as well as the use …



Jemima Hughes | 2021 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 2:57

Unbound is a lively and colourful three minute abstract animation which presents the filmmaker’s feelings about being perceived as “wheelchair bound” and her positive experience of physically exciting activities such as dancing and zip wiring. It combines cut out animation in han…


Climate Emergency

Robert Menefee | 2023 | Documentary | USA | 6:06


On September 14, 2022, UN secretary-general, António Guterres, told world leaders gathered in New York: “The fossil fuel industry is killing us, and leaders are out of step with their people, who are crying out for urgent climate action.” TD Bank is the 8th worst bank …


Encounters by the water.

Joao Manoel Machado | 2023 | Documentary | Brazil | 19:55

Indigenous communities, artisans, fishermen and people of various walks of life come together in this documentary which traces the course of a river from its source in the forrest all the way down to the sea.

Encounters by the water tells the many stories of people who live by t…



Jeremiah Quinn | NaN | Documentary | United Kingdom | 21:42

The first documentary to explore the story of David Oluwale, a Nigerian immigrant chased or thrown into the River Aire by Leeds Police in 1969…




1984 is now

Efi Amanatidou | 2023 | Documentary | Greece | 3:24

A micro-documentary dealing with authoritarian states -both as a current as well as an everlasting theme- with an ambiguous ending….


Ruth C Hayes | 2023 | Documentary | USA | 4:07

A work of agitprop against the end of Roe and the evisceration of women’s right to choose….

If Not Now

Jill Daniels | 2023 | Documentary | United Kingdom | 15:00

If Not Now is a documentary essay film addressed to my Jewish great-great grandmother, Rebecca, who lived and died in Brick Lane in London’s East End. Her death haunts my memories. Brick Lane has been home to successive immigrant communities, Huguenot weavers, Jews, Bengalis; tod…


The world where we live in is not the real world

Efi Amanatidou | 2022 | Documentary | Greece | 2:53

A small, poetic work, revealing some truths about the world where we live in…


Kalpana Subramanian | 2021 | Documentary | USA | 8:23

A serendipitous encounter on distant shores
Colliding archives of body and place
Ominous scenes of a homeland’s militaristic pride
An incantation to freedom and belonging….


We’ve Been Bamboozled!

Pamela Falkenberg, Jack Cochran | 2023 | Documentary | USA | 7:17

Recent revelations show that the fossil fuel industries, over the course of many decades, sponsored scientific research about the potential consequences of burning fossil fuels on the earth’s environment, which concluded that the impact would be “dramatic” and “urgent.”

Not Go Gentle

Sasha Ihnatovich | 2022 | Documentary | Slovenia | 5:26

Idyllic villages hide traces of sorrow and suffering inflicted on humans by each other. The short film is dedicated to all people-on-the move who are risking their lives to avoid arrest, escape violence and border pushbacks, to find safety and refuge….