ARCHIVE: Programme 2014

Winning Films 2014

Kappu Kalina Shaitana (Devil In The Blackstone)   Best Student Fiction Ananya Kasaravalli – India – 20 mins A beautifully shot and engaging piece of storytelling with a simple and effective twist. This film provides a compelling portrait of people struggling to get by in poverty. It explores how powerful influences are stacked against the poorest in society and how small moral choices become disproportionately difficult under such pressure.
Out Of Darkness Cometh Light   Best Student Factual / Documentary Emily White – UK – 4:20 mins An excellent example of the poetic form in documentary. This film is engaging and enjoyable to watch while raising interesting ideas and an emotional response to the subject. Being human is about more than material things. This film explores how our ideas, dreams and shared culture can overcome the physical environment we live in. This is a great example of how films can explore ideas in ways that other mediums cannot.
Immigrants Are Hiding?   Best Activist Fiction WORLDbytes – UK – 29 secs This is arguably the most efficient film in the entire festival. It makes a political point, comments on society, and slips in a joke all in less than 29 seconds.
The Racket  Best Activist Factual / Documentary Joe Jenkins – UK – 20 mins This is a powerful documentary exploring an interesting debate from an original angle. It contains fascinating insights and research. The film is focused and clear communicating a consistent message without imposing a personal agenda. This is an excellent example of classical, well researched and informative documentary filmmaking.


Best Student Film Fiction

Red Source   –   ALRA

Devil in the Black Stone   –   Ananya Kasaravalli

Civvy Street   –   Matt Worthington

Best Activist Film – Fiction

Against the Norm   –   Iqbal Mohammed

Immigrants are hiding?   –   WORLDbytes

CARE   –   Blanche’s Nickelodeon

Best Student Film – Factual/Documentary

Traces of My Uncle   –  Ceren Saner

Perspectives – Alexandros Papathanasiou

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light  –   Emily White

Best Activist Film – Factual/Documentary

Reach   –   Voices that Shake! / Rainbow Collective

The True Little Tramp   –   Jack Brindelli

Just Me  –   Matthew Kennedy

Po Po   –   Migrant Media

Bob Crow: Don’t Mourne, Organise – Platform Films

The Racket – Joe Jenkins