ARCHIVE: Programme 2016

Winning Films 2016

Best Documentary: House On Strike (Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk) TV Kryzys (Poland)

Best Documentary by a Student filmmaker: Limpiadores Fernando Mitjans (United Kingdom)

Best Fiction Film: WALL (TOIHOS) Tsamprou, Sargent, Tsambas (GREECE)

Best Fiction Film by a Student filmmaker: As If (mış gibi) Bilkent University (Turkey)

Audience Jury Award for best overall film – Three Minute Warning Iqbal Mohammed (UK/Palestine)

2016 Shortlisted Films


All Out On Mayday 

Platform Films  (UK – 24mins)

Film about Mayday


Arizona Red Rocks 

Carwen Davies  (America – 3mins)

An Experimental Biographical film on my trip to America. It shows my views on Arizona’s political views, a history into Arizona’s mining industry, Cacti and biblical references. All Filmed on 16mm and drawn by hand.


As If  -mış gibi

Bilkent University  (Turkey – 5mins)

Ayse is a fourteen years old girl who is about to get married to an older man. She wanders away with her husband-to-be from the marriage feast for a while to a playground. With  childish feelings, she just tries to deny her situation and play games as much as she can under her husband-to-be watch.



Jaime Murciego  (Spain – 20mins)

Life is not easy in a place like Kariobangi (Nairobi), and it is even worse for girls and women condition. Poverty, crime, drugs, rape and other violations that the female boxers of Boxgirls try to avoid through physical and mostly mental skills that boxing gives to them. “Strong girls, safe communities” is their slogan.



House On Strike  Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk

TV Kryzys  (Poland – 30mins)

Syrena is a house on strike in Warsaw, Poland. The building at 30, Wilcza street has been continuously squatted since 2010. But the Syrena collective is not the first wave of squatters in the building, or the city for that matter. After the almost total destruction of Warsaw during World War II, the city was a heap of rubble. In 1948, people returned to the city, squatted the ruins and rebuilt the capital in what became known as the “social deed”. Years later, the fruits of the free labour of thousands of the city’s residents are being taken over by developers. Warsaw is a playground for housing speculation, rent exploitation and privatization. “If we don’t know our history, we’re forced to repeat it. In this house we know our history very well, and as the second wave of squatters we’re going to resist with all we’ve got”.

I Am Still Alive 

Camille Bildsøe  (Palestine, USA, Denmark – 17mins)

At the age of 15, Muhammad’s life changed drastically. This film follows the journey of recovery through the eyes of this young Palestinian circus artist, who is forced to balance the consistent trauma of death and his essential will to be alive.


Fernando Mitjans  (United Kingdom – 24mins)

Following a successful campaign for better wages and working conditions, a collective of outsourced Latin American workers is faced with a surprise immigration raid at their workplace: the School of Oriental and African Studies. The devastating reprisal, however, motivates these workers towards further organisation and mobilisation against SOAS’ outsourcing practices. 

YouTube Video



Nature Needs You 

Balangara Films  (Australia – 9mins)

While industrial resource developments continue to put at risk our natural and cultural significance, people across Australia are standing their ground for nature. These everyday Australians take extraordinary steps toward working with their communities to minimize the impacts on these places by keeping oil, coal and gas in the ground.



Duncan Reekie  (Britain – 15mins)

Part mashup part documentary. Sunlight explores the territory between Art and the colonies.



The Foodbank Film 

Living WellFilm Club  (England – 15mins)

This film was made by a group of food bank users in South London about having to use food banks to survive -it was directed, shot and edited by them.


Three Minute Warning 

Iqbal Mohammed  (UK/Palestine – 11mins)


In Palestine, a 14 year old girl called Mariam cares for her disabled mother.

One night, an Israeli “knock on roof” bomb is dropped onto their building allowing them only 3 minutes to escape before it’s demolished.

This emotional 10 minute drama depicts the reality of civilians in Gaza.




Friday afternoon. Nine people before a wall. Waiting. Who has the right to see?