Drifting with Debord

In ‘Drifting with Debord’, Glasgow Glam Rock Dialogues channel the spirits of David Bowie, Suzi Quatro and Karl Mark to debate the life and legacy of Guy Debord, theoretical leader of the Paris-based Situationist International and author of ‘The Society of the Spectacle’ and ‘Theory of the Dérive’. Transposing Debord’s ideas on the dérive from street to screen, the film explores what a drifting cinema might look and sound like as it drifts from Paris to Glasgow, from present to past, and both with and away from Debord himself. Join The Angel of History as she encounters Glasgow’s favourite Glam Rockers in performance, and as she drifts through Glasgow in super8 footage and into the past via archive footage of the city. The film includes two original songs, ‘The Angel of History’, adapted from Walter Benjamin’s ‘Theses on the Philosophy of History’, and ‘A Song for Guy (Debord)’, and draws inspiration from the Situationists’ politics of pleasure and excess. Look out your feather boa!
  /  2020
David Archibald, Carl Lavery
00:17:35 mins
Original Language
David Archibald