Time Spent

Nathan and his girlfriend are struggling with the cost of living crisis in the UK, so when Nathan gets a chance to interview for a dream job, he jumps at it.

After arriving in London for his interview, Nathan finds himself at a luxury apartment which feels a world away from his

Piss on Patriarchy

Piss on Patriarchy

Marie is driving on the highway and needs to pee urgently. But the toilet at the rest stop is broken. And an increasingly absurd odyssey through this toxic male biotope begins for Marie – and ends in blood.

Trigger warning: sexualized harassment, violence.

Silence is Deathly Painful

The audio used in this work comes from an archive of recordings that were conducted by a computer program. This program listened to talk radio broadcasts across the United States from 2019-2022 and recorded what happened before, during, and after moments of silence that occurred


Terminal presents the endless and unstoppable movement of machinery and goods that makes our modern throwaway society possible.


4 girls are hiding in a bunker trying to understand Earth’s pain

How YOU Can Save Wildlife

How YOU Can Save Wildlife is an animation that raises awareness of how meat and dairy production is driving wildlife species loss and threatening humanity’s survival.

The animation follows a bedtime story told by a father to his son, as he describes how one by one wild animals f

Love has no Borders

Love has no Borders

Gang violence forces a loving family to leave Central America in hopes of finding a better life only to find more trouble in the U.S.


In a powerful exploration of racial and health disparities, classical music takes center stage when a father and son confront the ominous figure of Der Erlkönig, the whisperer of death.

an entombing(dis)entombing

A one-minute poem film about building barriers vs. living with a heart full of love, filmed predominantly with an iPhone 5c, between 2015 and 2019, in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States.

Yellow Polka Dot

Sandra and Barbara are enjoying a day at the beach with their partners in 1962. The night before they all went out to a night club. The men bonded, as well as the women, albeit in very different fashions.

Password: YellowPolkaDot21

To Be Touched

An experimental dance short film about a young woman’s experience of touch. It is about trauma, having the right to one’s own body and its experiences and how to set boundaries and respect them.



Something grew out of the cracks and walls and occupied all the empty spaces in a little Mediterranean city. This short film is about the gentrification of a place that has recently become a real archeological site thanks to severe turistification.



Vagina fingers character explores universe gone mad

Eli Nazik

Eli Nazik is a short film which was shot on smart phone. Eli Nazik is a delicious Turkish dish. It also means ‘gentle hand’. Saliha lives in a poor district, shoots food recipe videos with her daughter Derya and posts them on their social media channel called “Mother and Daughter

The Jackpot

Thanks to his best friend Eugenie the chicken, the reclusive Albert finds himself involved in a fateful game of chance that leads him to his true love. But is it really all just a coincidence?


After the New Republic Patriot Party seizes control in America , and passes a law requiring all males over 35 to have a vasectomy to keep the number of babies with birth defects down, Jamie decides to flee to Canada on the eve of his 35th birthday.

Repeated Times

After the taxi driver Siyabend’s suicide, his friends take over the taxi. They take half of the income themselves and give the other half to Siyabend’s family. But there is a reverse cycle..

The Wheel

In the 1990s, some newspapers were not allowed to enter the Diyarbakir region, under a state of emergency at that time, although they were legal. Children like Bawer and Hebûn, who were part of the distribution group, would secretly collect these newspapers from outside the city

Home is where the scars are from

Andi is a “squatter“ – he is part of a group that occupies buildings in Vienna. He considers them as family. One night, out of a misery, his sister seeks refuge with her little son in the squat. The following days Andi has to act as an unconventional kindergartener for his nephew

Hope for Humanity

We recently created this animation for a short story called ‘Hope for Humanity’, about social change and the importance of treating all sentient beings with respect. This piece mixes the issues of veganism and freedom within a deeper spiritual context which provides a solution fo

Terror Fervor

Informed by experimental films from the 1960s and 70s, Terror Fervor takes the viewer on a psychedelic non-linear journey through the vices of seven characters. The wordless journey of Terror Fervor plunges the viewer into an experience that is hard to classify and hard to forget


Alone in a strange flat, no one is watching. One woman takes advantage of the silence and the privacy to transgress societal boundaries we all take for granted – escalating further and the day wears on.

Blue Eyes

Jenny is a train driver. One day during a routine journey a young woman jumps in front of her train, killing herself instantly. Jenny is traumatised. Everyone tells her it wasn’t her fault, and she must put it out of her mind. But she can’t erase the image of the woman. She had b


Adjusting to life without her father, struggling school girl Jessica finds herself a daily target, of friends Cassie and Jade.

Monkey Business (English version)

Available in 11 languages — For children: a fable with monkeys representing humans: a bad ape causes quarrels between two other tribes in order to obtain their fruit, but the other monkeys see through his plan, forgive him and teach him how to grow fruit. For less innocent spec

Ukraine in Fire

A camera instead of a machine gun. This was the unshakable motto and rule of our hero — a volunteer, but the war came…