Trash Lords

Trash Lords

One day, a waste sorting mother – son duo Hilse and Tang discover that a nationwide sorting campaign has been launched. They feel a great sense of injustice. They are already doing the dirtiest job in the country and now even that is taken away from them. Citizens walking around

Once means forever

Once means forever

“Once means forever” is short animated film, which shows us, without delusion, story of young women. Girl who could be any other women. Looking by her’s eyes, we will be troubled by her one day. The day which will change her life forever.

I Want You To Panic!

A bomb drops into an art museum without exploding. While the museum’s opportunistic curator Claire markets the bomb as a work of art to investor Mr. Man, security guard Omar desperately tries to evacuate the building. The threat of explosion before his eyes Omar becomes a Cassand

First Work of Mercy

First Work of Mercy

Alpha has finally reached Europe. After a long and difficult journey, the young refugee, hungry and exhausted, glimpses a small village’s bell tower. A hope soon dashed. Alpha wanders through the rural village in search of help, but no one seems to see or hear him. His only compa


Zeno is a whipped teenager who never stood up for himself. All he needs is a friend by his side, and Matteo will be exactly that. In a surprising turn of events, they’ll take each other’s breath away.

Turn Over

A poor homeless man knows there is a lot of food in an art gallery. He sneaks into the art gallery because he is hungry. He eats a lot of cake and then falls asleep in this warm gallery by accident. He lies flat on the floor. He is considered as a performance art by rich people.

Embers of War

A story about the impact of war on a family. In 2019, the survivors of the Chongqing Bombing are now elderly, some still have bomb shrapnel in their heads, scars on their bodies and ,most importantly, psychological trauma in their minds.


An inspirational short film to create awareness and build self confidence.

Message to girls who feel out of place as though they don’t belong.



Emil is auditioning for a main part in a huge international film production. Playing a homosexual, drug-addicted SS-Officer he needs to break up from his lover shortly before the battle of Stalingrad. But of all people Oskar, his Ex-Girlfriend’s new boyfriend, happens to read the

Cyril Offence

A true story set in 1969 Rochdale, England, about the first person to come forward against the politician Cyril Smith.



During a nocturnal car drive in search of sex, the protagonist meets a trans prostitute. But instead of releasing him from his desires, she informs him together with a leather fetish boy about his irresponsibility regarding the climate change.