We’ve Been Bamboozled!

We’ve Been Bamboozled!

Recent revelations show that the fossil fuel industries, over the course of many decades, sponsored scientific research about the potential consequences of burning fossil fuels on the earth’s environment, which concluded that the impact would be “dramatic” and “urgent.” Instead o

Twerk for Yemen

A committed documentary filmmaker follows in the footsteps of the Swedish cult classic I am Curious Yellow and asks people in Stockholm what to do about the war in Yemen. The reactions she encounters and the answers she receives are at the same time deeply distressing and incredi


Unbound is a lively and colourful three minute abstract animation which presents the filmmaker’s feelings about being perceived as “wheelchair bound” and her positive experience of physically exciting activities such as dancing and zip wiring. It combines cut out animation in han



The first documentary to explore the story of David Oluwale, a Nigerian immigrant chased or thrown into the River Aire by Leeds Police in 1969.

Picturing Wonderland

Picturing Wonderland

Picturing Wonderland reflects a collaboration between the filmmakers and Maud Rowell, an experimental snapshot of the experience of living with a degenerative blindness. The film explores Maud’s fascinating relationship with the colours of the world around her as well as the use

Not Go Gentle

Not Go Gentle

Idyllic villages hide traces of sorrow and suffering inflicted on humans by each other. The short film is dedicated to all people-on-the move who are risking their lives to avoid arrest, escape violence and border pushbacks, to find safety and refuge.

If Not Now

If Not Now

If Not Now is a documentary essay film addressed to my Jewish great-great grandmother, Rebecca, who lived and died in Brick Lane in London’s East End. Her death haunts my memories. Brick Lane has been home to successive immigrant communities, Huguenot weavers, Jews, Bengalis; tod



A serendipitous encounter on distant shores
Colliding archives of body and place
Ominous scenes of a homeland’s militaristic pride
An incantation to freedom and belonging.

Encounters by the water.

Indigenous communities, artisans, fishermen and people of various walks of life come together in this documentary which traces the course of a river from its source in the forrest all the way down to the sea.

Encounters by the water tells the many stories of people who live by t


A work of agitprop against the end of Roe and the evisceration of women’s right to choose.

1984 is now

A micro-documentary dealing with authoritarian states -both as a current as well as an everlasting theme- with an ambiguous ending.

Climate Emergency

Climate Emergency


On September 14, 2022, UN secretary-general, António Guterres, told world leaders gathered in New York: “The fossil fuel industry is killing us, and leaders are out of step with their people, who are crying out for urgent climate action.” TD Bank is the 8th worst bank


MATKA / POLKA [MOTHER / POLE] is a meditation on what it means to be a woman in today’s Polish society. As a collection of stories – all verbatim – from waiting rooms, gynaecology chairs, abortion clinics, and bedrooms, the documentary bears witness to everyday acts of patriarchy

‘Labour – The Big Lie’

Platform is making a documentary about the crisis in the Labour Party. The film explores: THE “ANTISEMITISM” FURORE – THE FIFTH COLUMN – THE THREAT TO FREE SPEECH AND DEMOCRACY The film asks: how can the party be reformed, and free speech and democracy be renewed? What is the way forward for the Labour Party?



Now! is a video I made about the end of the era of the car. This video is as abrupt as the undeniable evidence of Climate Change. When I was a very young child, my mom spent years fighting to protect us from what she and others knew for fact was coming with the environment, and t

Teacher of Patience

Over 20 years after Emily Felter is diagnosed with Down syndrome, paramedic (and Emily’s father) Tom develops a presentation to share her story with other first responders. As the Felters work to raise disability awareness, they come face-to-face with the struggles and joys of th

The Virus Cross Country: a poetic chronicle (with codas)

In early March 2020, Jack started writing a poem about the pandemic, just as the lockdown started in the US. While practicing social distancing, we turned his poetic chronicle into a film as we travelled between our homes in Austin, TX, and Rockford, IL, and doom scrolled the COV

Dark Cell Harlem Farm

Set against the backdrop of the long history of the Texas prison system–from Juneteenth to Covid–Dark Cell Harlem Farm explores the death by suffocation of eight Black men at a prison plantation in 1913. Combining readings of primary source materials and personal reflections by f

Discarnate: McLuhan’s Wake

This experimental documentary film explores the unique personality and intellectual brilliance of Canadian media theorist Marshall McLuhan, including his uncanny predictions regarding the effects of communication technologies on culture and society.

The Girl From Gaza

For over a decade the ongoing conflict in Palestine has wrought havoc on Mariam’s life, who with her mother Bara’ah in Gaza is constantly ‘fighting for her future against Israeli occupation, bombs and patriarchal rules’ while feeling like life is spiralling out of control.


A Day in Arada

Arada is not only the old city centre of Addis Ababa. In the slang of the streets of Addis Ababa, being Arada means being smart and cool. Since the 1960s, sex workers, intellectuals and street hustlers engaged with ideas of “Arada” to describe themselves and make sense of their l

The Golden Age

An experimental documentary examining the traumatic history of being a woman at work in the animation industry. I put myself into conversation with a generation of women who were not given the opportunity to work in animation or to earn acknowledgement as artists. Each manipulate

Night Shifts

This short animated documentary addresses issues faced by healthcare professionals working night shifts at UK hospitals through a detailed account of a junior doctor’s experience. Accompanied by a rendered animation of a hospital environment, the interview transcript, read by a v

How Do Animals and Plants Live?

Is it true that translation creates the basis for a new commons? If so, how? The video essay How Do Animals and Plants Live? is an inquiry into the forcible eviction and immediate demolition of the self-organized anarchist-supported migrant squat Orfanotrofeio in Thessaloniki,

Total Disaster

Total Disaster

Trickster environmental activists pretending to be oil behemoth Total stage a satirical press conference to introduce “RéHabitat,” a plan to rescue animals from the East African Oil Pipeline by relocating them to “more sustainable” habitats in France. Using humor and mischief, th

Under the Shadow of the Wall

This video essay focuses on the landscapes of the Sonoran Desert—and the project of a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico—as a way of investigating the manner in which something as seemingly generic as a wall can take on particular political and affective forms. This short pr