The Interview


France, 2016

Christophe, in his thirties, black, passes a job interview in the company where his girlfriend, Emma, works. The same night, convinced he got the job, the couple celebrates the event. But in the heat of the moment, Christophe asks himself if he will be chosen for his skills or if he received special treatment. The evening has only just begun…

Project Type: Short

Duration: 00:17:38

Language: French


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About The Filmmaker

Born in 1984 in the small city of Gouvieux (France) and of Nepali origin, Marc Gurung is passionate very early about cinema. He co-founds a film association in his neighborhood of Champigny-sur-Marne (Parisian suburb). In his adolescence, he directs movies about cultural events in the city and writes his first scripts.
He then follows a BTS “post-production & editing” at the Lycée Suger. Having edited and directed dozens of music videos and commercials, he gets into writing and filmmaking. In 2014, he is supported by the « Groupe Ouest Développement » for the writing of the screenplay La Symphonie des Marteaux and he meets his producers at the Short-Connections (Paris Court Devant Festival) with whom he develops two movies, including The Interview.
Family, immigration and integration are the themes tackled in his work, based on his experience. He his particularly inspired by John CASSAVETES cinema, Kim KI-DUK’s, Maurice PIALAT’s, the DARDENNE brothers and Ken LOACH’s, for their naturalistic staging, the purity of situations, the body language and their views on society.

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