House On Strike – Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk

TV Kryzys  (Poland – 2015)

30 Minutes


Best Documentary

Syrena is a house on strike in Warsaw, Poland. The building at 30, Wilcza street has been continuously squatted since 2010. But the Syrena collective is not the first wave of squatters in the building, or the city for that matter. After the almost total destruction of Warsaw during World War II, the city was a heap of rubble. In 1948, people returned to the city, squatted the ruins and rebuilt the capital in what became known as the “social deed”. Years later, the fruits of the free labour of thousands of the city’s residents are being taken over by developers. Warsaw is a playground for housing speculation, rent exploitation and privatization. “If we don’t know our history, we’re forced to repeat it. In this house we know our history very well, and as the second wave of squatters we’re going to resist with all we’ve got.

Languages: Polish
Subtitles: English

About The Filmmakers

We’re an anarchist filming collective, associated with the Syrena collective.

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