Anne-Claire Adet

Switzerland, 2016

A sensorial and first-person immersion into the suffocating experience of an underground shelter where asylum seekers are stowed upon their arrival in Geneva. The film invites the viewer to live the anguish of Mohammad who recalls, word by word, his underground life experience. Based on images taken by refugees with their mobile phone and found on the internet, narrow and hesitant images, framed by two imposing black bands, the film deals with asylum in a subjective way, focusing on the anguish, the waiting and the nightmares. The atmosphere is supported by an intense soundtrack, composed exclusively from real bunker noises. Sounds which are first insidious, but short become obsessive and oppressive. The film recalls dark moments of our collective history and interrogates the space left for asylum-seekers in contemporary Europe.

Project Info

Country: Switzerland

Completed: 2016

Project Type: Documentary, Short

Duration: 00:14:03

Language: English





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