Nathan Erasmus

Ireland, 2017


When Beautiful Monkey gets rudely awoken by some drilling, he jumps on his trusty ass to try and find some peace.


The style is classic fairy tale (classic as in 1700’s Brothers Grimm-esque nightmarish and disturbing fairytale). A sketchbook aesthetic results in something between a super detailed animatic and a simplistic animation; kind of an anti-mation.

Project Type: Animation, Music Video

Duration: 00:03:15

Language: English

Nathan’s first animated project One eskimO was produced independently and, after winning several awards internationally, Warner Premiere commissioned it into a series of animated shorts. Since then he has worked on various motion comics, developed scripts for animated feature films, directed his first indie Documentary ‘ROAD TO RIO: From the Streets to the world’ and written a children’s book that he is currently illustrating.

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