Vagina fingers character explores universe gone mad

Our Take – Small Axe Radical Short Film Reviews by Cole Diment 

Diane Christiansen’s Speck comes to us as one of the more experimental choices on our programme. We might ask you to hold on to your critique in favour of looking at things obliquely with this film here; whilst certainly not didactic, the experimental nature of Speck elicits interesting ideas. 

Within Speck’s de-humanised universe we follow our protagonist, a walking hand with a labia. Christiansen names them Vagina Fingers. In this universe, where shapes and colours manifest and withdraw with impunity, Vagina Fingers stumbles and jumps here and there attempting to find some type of place, rhyme or reason. 

Eventually we come across recognisable forms – wind turbines and nuclear power plants rise out of nucleus like balls representing planets. Within this universe there doesn’t seem to be a home for them. Vagina Fingers then comes to rest in the middle of nowhere, seemingly exhausted and without clear place. 

Whatever you think of Speck don’t allow its cerebral nature to force a quick judgement. Give it time and allow your thinking to work by analogy through the ideas of eco-criticism and feminism to come to how you feel. 

Diane has asked us to link to some resources alongside her film: 

  /  2022
diane christiansen
03:15 mins
Original Language
diane christiansen