Love has no Borders

Saturday 00:00

Pamela Oliver Muñoz | 
2021 | 
United States | 
3:57 mins | 
Gang violence forces a loving family to leave Central America in hopes of finding a better life only to find more trouble in the U.S.

Love Has No Borders, by Pamela Munoz, brings us the story of a central American family fleeing an impoverished life only to find further discrimination in the US. The film uses a mixed media collage of computer animation, stop motion and card cutout in a simple yet effective representation of a migrant experience.

Love Has No Borders appeals greatly to our sense of humanity in its short and simple storytelling. Focusing on a young family in turmoil, the film showcases tender moments of love and longing between trials and tribulations of heart-breaking and soul-crushing proportions. The indictment of the US border politics and policing is clear; breaking up a family for the sake of politics is in no way right.

The character of the border guard shows hope for a better future. If his heart can be touched by the travails of this family then a humanistic politics of the border, even one of the negation of the border, may emerge.