I Am George

Ja Sam Đuro

George is a boy who is different from the others. While he enjoys expressing his individuality, he finds himself being forced to conform. His usual colorfulness is replaced with shades of black. Will he break free from the norm or will he remain an average citizen? What does it mean, anyway, to be different, and how is it expressed and experienced? Each individual has their own way of expression, and in this short film George will show you his. It's a film about diversity and an (un)willingness to conform, (in)tolerance and willingness to express one's identity and respect for others. The film was created as part of the advanced workshop of the Frooom! film school in 2018. in Zagreb. The mentors Anja Pletikosa and Dalija Dozet initiated the students' creative thinking about diversity. It took five days from the idea to the realization of the film, which means that in this short time the team of children, in the presence of mentors, devised a story, scripted it, created a storyboard, and made all the components of pre-production, from the selection of locations, the division of roles and training of dialogue and acting. Filming and recording sound, with the supervision of mentors, was also made by the students themselves.
  /  2020
Lovro Hostić, Ivona Štefica Mihanović
00:03:27 mins
Original Language Croatian
Bacači Sjenki