How YOU Can Save Wildlife

Saturday 00:00

Skylark Media, Viva! | 
2022 | 
United Kingdom | 
1:25 mins | 
How YOU Can Save Wildlife is an animation that raises awareness of how meat and dairy production is driving wildlife species loss and threatening humanity’s survival. The animation follows a bedtime story told by a father to his son, as he describes how one by one wild animals faced extinction. But unlike previous mass extinctions, such as with the dinosaurs, it wasn’t an asteroid that threatened wildlife, but meat and milkshakes. Watch as forests are cut down and wild animals’ homes are destroyed to make space for grazing and farmed animals’ food. The father explains that without their homes, wild animals die. And that without wildlife, humanity can’t survive. The video ends on a clear call to action: You can still change the narrative. Go Vegan Now.

How You Can Save Wildlife brings us a simple and sweet film about the link between consumerism, meat-eating and environmental catastrophe. The film uses a vibrant animation style to make its message accessible to all.

The link that the film makes is a simple one. The rampant consumerism of an industrial society bent on meat consumption necessarily takes a toll on the earth. In order to grow the food needed for meat production, and the land to raise these animals on, deforestation techniques abound.

The solution? Veganism. The film squarely places the solution of this process on a change in consumption. Of course, this could gloss over the rampant consumption that fuels other forms of ecological disaster, but as a first step the change to eating a vegan diet would drastically change the balance of ecosystems and prevent further damage. If one of the only necessary consumptions, food, can be made ethical then why not change, especially when it can beat environmental disaster and capitalism at its own game?