Climate Emergency

Sunday 23:25

Robert Menefee | 
2023 | 
United States | 
6:06 mins | 
[English] On September 14, 2022, UN secretary-general, António Guterres, told world leaders gathered in New York: “The fossil fuel industry is killing us, and leaders are out of step with their people, who are crying out for urgent climate action.” TD Bank is the 8th worst bank in the United States when it comes to funding climate destruction; the worst banks are Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi, and Bank of America. We chose to protest TD Bank, “America’s Most Convenient Bank®,” because it was most convenient. This film shows ordinary people acting locally by taking to the streets of New Haven to demand that TD Bank stop funding fossil fuels. The climate crisis is an ongoing existential threat; the people’s efforts to fight climate catastrophe deserve recognition. I hope this film will inspire more people to join protests and express outrage. ——————————————————————————————— [Español] El 14 de septiembre de 2022, el secretario general de la ONU, António Guterres, dijo a los líderes mundiales reunidos en Nueva York: "La industria de los combustibles fósiles nos está matando, y los líderes están fuera de sintonía con su gente, que está pidiendo a gritos una acción climática urgente". TD Bank es el 8º peor banco de los Estados Unidos cuando se trata de financiar la destrucción del clima; los peores bancos son Chase, Wells Fargo, Citi y Bank of America. Elegimos protestar contra TD Bank, "el banco® más conveniente de Estados Unidos", porque era el más conveniente. Esta película muestra a la gente común actuando localmente tomando las calles de New Haven para exigir que TD Bank deje de financiar los combustibles fósiles. La crisis climática es una amenaza existencial continua; Los esfuerzos de la gente para luchar contra la catástrofe climática merecen reconocimiento. Espero que esta película inspire a más personas a unirse a las protestas y expresar su indignación.

Climate Emergency brings us an activity report of the protests in New Haven, Connecticut against TD Bank. As the activists tell us, TD Bank continues to fund oil and deforestation projects around the globe with the banks board set to meet in Sao Paolo in the coming weeks (from filming) to discuss environmental protection strategies. Such a position is hypocrisy. As made clear by Climate Emergency, capitalism is incompatible with green politics.

In the straightforward documentary form in Climate Emergency we aren’t dealing with metaphor and symbolic meanings but direct action. The images here inspire us less towards contemplation and more towards action. As one sign amongst the protesters reads, “Act Local” and act now, even at risk of arrest and defamation.

The end of the film is one that highlights the interconnectivity of our world and the affect of destruction and climate change. Aerial shots show a warm, orange glow around New Haven Connecticut. As the subtitles show us, the glow is the residue from Canadian wildfires. Actions are not without consequences. Here is not separate from there. The time to act is now.