Synopsis: This short film follows a group of young people living in hiding, addressing issues such as surveillance, facial recognition and the right to privacy. In 2020-2021, Kendra McLaughlin and Felipe Esparza worked on a workshop to produce a short film with two classes from the Pierre Mendès high school in Tourcoing. From writing to shooting, the students were actors, cameramen, sound and lighting technicians, and were able to discover the different stages of filmmaking. Through a collective writing process, the school hallways were transformed into post-apocalyptic environments of the future (in the years 2336 and 2337, to be exact).

  /  2022
Yousra Ahrram, Rania Assadi, Sadok Derbali, Shanna Lefebvre, Kenzo Lernould, Adam Saouti
00:13:00 mins
Original Language French
Lucie Menard, Océane Lécluse