Jury Awards Winners in each category:
| Fiction | Kill the Rich
| Fiction (Student) | Elephant
| Documentary | Breathing Still
| Documentary (Student) | Voices
| Young Film (Made by filmmakers under 18) | The Other Side Of The Show
| Young Film | GOLDFISH

Audience Awards:
| Documentary | A Tale of War (20)
| Fiction (Student) | Exist
| Documentary Student) | Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord
| Fiction (Joint Winner)| Welcome to the New World
| Fiction (joint Winner) | El dia de la virgen
| Young Film | JETTISONED

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Winning films at Tolpuddle RFF 2017

Jury Selection


BUNKERS Anne-Claire Adet - Switzerland Best Documentary


The Sandman Lauren Knapp - United States Best Documentary by a Student Filmmaker


The Interview Marc Gurung - France Best Fiction Short


iRony Jay Jay Jegathesan - Australia Best Fiction Short by a Student Filmmaker

Audience Award


ASSHOLIO Nathan Erasmus - Ireland Best Fiction Short


Champions Anastasija Bräuniger - Germany Best Fiction Short by a Student Filmmaker


Dare to Dream:  Cuba’s Latin American Medical School Jennifer Wager - United States Best Documentary


Fight! Ayala Guy - Germany Best Documentary by a Student Filmmaker

Films that were screened at Tolpuddle Radical Film Festival 2017 in the Small Axe Competition Programme.

Official Selection
Project Title Directors Duration Country of Origin Project Type  
ASSHOLIO Nathan Erasmus 00:03:15 Ireland Animation, Music Video  
BUNKERS Anne-Claire Adet 00:14:03 Switzerland Documentary,  
C.O.D. Onur Doğan 00:04:44 Turkey Experimental,  
Champions Anastasija Bräuniger 00:08:00 Germany Documentary,  Student  
Colorado Bboy Roots Jackson Xia 00:16:30 United States Documentary, Student,  
Commodity Trading: Election Day M. Woods 00:14:55 United States Documentary, Experimental  
Dare to Dream:  Cuba's Latin American Medical School Jennifer Wager 00:30:00 United States Documentary  
Destroy Madrid Joseba Alfaro 00:09:29 Spain Fiction  
FEDRA Malo Bara 00:13:31 Belgium Student  
Fight or Freeze Lucinda Broadbent 00:01:05 United Kingdom Animation  
Fight! Ayala Guy 00:19:30 Germany Documentary, Experimental,  Student  
God hates Finland Johan Karrento 00:10:30 Finland Fiction  
Here Still Alyssa Michener 00:23:37 United States Documentary,  Student  
Hopefully ("Ojalá") Marie-Stéphane Cattaneo 00:01:00 France Fiction  
Immigration Jan BEYEN 00:05:37 Belgium Animation,  Student,  
iRony Jay Jay Jegathesan 00:07:53 Australia Animation, Experimental,  Student  
Korean Dog Meat Exposé James Hyams, AJ Garcia, Taehoon Lee 00:21:32 S Korea Documentary, Experimental  
Little Jerusalem Zena Agha 00:06:56 United Kingdom Documentary,  Student  
Mayor Moritz Adlon 00:15:00 Germany Fiction, Student  
Miami Five Freedom Tour Chris Reeves 00:20:00 United Kingdom Documentary  
Slowville Alex Meunier 00:03:24 Canada Animation,  
Tachinahare Aljoscha Seuss 00:02:42 Germany Animation, Experimental,  Student  
The Bard's Wife Roy Delaney 00:12:00 United Kingdom Documentary,  Student  
The Bus Trip Sarah Gampel 00:13:40 Sweden Animation, Documentary,  Student  
The Interview Marc GURUNG 00:17:38 France Fiction  
The Sandman Lauren Knapp 00:18:54 United States Documentary,  Student  
User History Coalfather Industries 00:06:02 United States Animation, Experimental,  
Where is home? Asad Nazari 00:01:02 Sweden Animation,  
Who the hell is Satan Leo Ferri 00:10:51 Iran Documentary,  
You're a Guy! Sylvain Certain 00:02:14 France Fiction  

These films were long listed in our competition but did not make it into the final selection. They deserve recognition and celebration. If we had a longer festival we'd show them all.

Long List
Project Title Directors Duration Country of Origin Project Type Trailer
A New Era Ludwig Reuter 00:09:00 Burkina Faso Documentary  
Are You Sleeping (2017)   00:02:19 China Experimental, Fiction  
Beeman - A New Superhero for Young Refugees Abdullah Nabisadah, Halil Ibrahim Özdogan 00:14:25 Germany Fiction https://vimeo.com/103918064
Boiling Camila Gregório 00:16:33 Brazil Fiction, Student  
Carols Thanos Psichogios 00:15:40 Greece Fiction, Other https://vimeo.com/173284859
Cycle of Change Sarah Frei 00:08:46 United States Documentary  
Fireplace Muhammad Bayazid, Samah Safi Bayazid 00:11:42 Syrian Arab Republic Fiction, Student  
Fomo Sapiens Viktor Hertz 00:07:15 Sweden Fiction https://vimeo.com/198822240
Her Voice Silvia Defrance 00:11:03 Belgium Experimental, Fiction, Other  
How to Make Finland Great Again Jarno Harju 00:19:11 Finland Fiction  
Hush Street Eduardo Colgan 00:16:00 Brazil Fiction https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hda5PsCiwqQ
Journey Without a Map Jill Woodward 00:16:30 United States Documentary https://youtu.be/v3-wO8HvYDA
Kissmud Mox Mäkelä 00:06:09 Finland Experimental  
KNAGGLIG Amelie Schlögelhofer 00:02:33 Austria Animation, Fiction, Student  
Lockdown Lauren Knapp 00:05:14 United States Documentary, Student https://vimeo.com/122927171
Lurna Nani Matos 00:15:00 Spain Fiction https://vimeo.com/151693486
Madness Adrian Szczepaniak 00:06:00 Poland Animation, Experimental, Student https://vimeo.com/160657881
Mellow Yellow - Radio Edit Neil Wigardt 00:14:58 Sweden Documentary, Experimental, Student  
MEMENTO MORI Nina Schiena 00:13:15 Germany Experimental, Fiction, Student, https://vimeo.com/167274843
Mother Nature André Kirchner 00:15:00 Germany Fiction https://vimeo.com/55207006
NOITULOS EDICIUS Willie Stewart 00:03:28 United States Experimental, Fiction, Student https://vimeo.com/222031734
Of huge and small Artem Funk 00:25:25 Germany Documentary, Experimental, Student  
Open Mike Tobias Erdmann 00:16:20 United Kingdom Fiction, Student https://vimeo.com/193742842
Pandas Have Got To Go Harriet Francis Croucher 00:02:24 United Kingdom Animation, Experimental, Fiction, Student https://vimeo.com/197816170
QUEST for the Crystal   00:04:10 United States Animation, Experimental, Student  
SEEDS Milo Bennet-Shephard (age 11 at the time) 00:01:48 Not Specified Animation, Experimental, Student  
Silence Equals Olan Montgomery 00:16:00 United States Fiction  
So Many Reasons Lucinda Broadbent 00:01:01 United Kingdom Animation  
The Arctic Circus Connor Johnstone 00:23:38 Canada Documentary, Student https://vimeo.com/205391105
The Colored Punch: story of efkan beyaz Yazın Öztürk 00:12:43 Turkey Documentary https://vimeo.com/195352315
The Greater Evil William R. Coughlan 00:07:51 United States Fiction https://vimeo.com/141003728
The Next Stop Is Happiness Where This Bus Terminates Ka Ki Wong 00:09:57 United Kingdom Fiction, Student  
The Rag Zoe Vitale 00:11:49 United States Student  
The Wheels On The Bus Joshua Long 00:09:45 Australia Fiction, Student https://vimeo.com/163396159
To Help Us Paula Durette 00:01:23 Not Specified Animation  
Visitor (Preview version) Stef de Hoog 00:13:00 Hungary Fiction, Student  
Where they are expecting us Gustavo Gómez 00:21:00 Spain Documentary https://youtu.be/yusdH2EBbSQ
Wire Berkay Hasbay 00:14:59 Turkey Fiction, Student https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tw-OrXrSc0

Winning Films 2016

Best Documentary: House On Strike (Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk) TV Kryzys (Poland)

Best Documentary by a Student filmmaker: Limpiadores Fernando Mitjans (United Kingdom)

Best Fiction Film: WALL (TOIHOS) Tsamprou, Sargent, Tsambas (GREECE)

Best Fiction Film by a Student filmmaker: As If (mış gibi) Bilkent University (Turkey)

Audience Jury Award for best overall film - Three Minute Warning Iqbal Mohammed (UK/Palestine)



2016 Shortlisted Films


All Out On Mayday 

Platform Films  (UK - 24mins)

Film about Mayday


Arizona Red Rocks 

Carwen Davies  (America - 3mins)

An Experimental Biographical film on my trip to America. It shows my views on Arizona's political views, a history into Arizona's mining industry, Cacti and biblical references. All Filmed on 16mm and drawn by hand.


As If  -mış gibi

Bilkent University  (Turkey - 5mins)

Ayse is a fourteen years old girl who is about to get married to an older man. She wanders away with her husband-to-be from the marriage feast for a while to a playground. With  childish feelings, she just tries to deny her situation and play games as much as she can under her husband-to-be watch.  https://vimeo.com/150676397




Jaime Murciego  (Spain - 20mins)

Life is not easy in a place like Kariobangi (Nairobi), and it is even worse for girls and women condition. Poverty, crime, drugs, rape and other violations that the female boxers of Boxgirls try to avoid through physical and mostly mental skills that boxing gives to them. "Strong girls, safe communities" is their slogan.



House On Strike  Syrena to nie skłot, to strajk

TV Kryzys  (Poland - 30mins)

Syrena is a house on strike in Warsaw, Poland. The building at 30, Wilcza street has been continuously squatted since 2010. But the Syrena collective is not the first wave of squatters in the building, or the city for that matter. After the almost total destruction of Warsaw during World War II, the city was a heap of rubble. In 1948, people returned to the city, squatted the ruins and rebuilt the capital in what became known as the "social deed". Years later, the fruits of the free labour of thousands of the city's residents are being taken over by developers. Warsaw is a playground for housing speculation, rent exploitation and privatization. "If we don't know our history, we're forced to repeat it. In this house we know our history very well, and as the second wave of squatters we're going to resist with all we've got". www.syrena.tk


I Am Still Alive 

Camille Bildsøe  (Palestine, USA, Denmark - 17mins)

At the age of 15, Muhammad's life changed drastically. This film follows the journey of recovery through the eyes of this young Palestinian circus artist, who is forced to balance the consistent trauma of death and his essential will to be alive.


Fernando Mitjans  (United Kingdom - 24mins)

Following a successful campaign for better wages and working conditions, a collective of outsourced Latin American workers is faced with a surprise immigration raid at their workplace: the School of Oriental and African Studies. The devastating reprisal, however, motivates these workers towards further organisation and mobilisation against SOAS’ outsourcing practices. 

YouTube Video



Nature Needs You 

Balangara Films  (Australia - 9mins)

While industrial resource developments continue to put at risk our natural and cultural significance, people across Australia are standing their ground for nature. These everyday Australians take extraordinary steps toward working with their communities to minimize the impacts on these places by keeping oil, coal and gas in the ground.



Duncan Reekie  (Britain - 15mins)

Part mashup part documentary. Sunlight explores the territory between Art and the colonies. www.duncanreekie.co.uk




The Foodbank Film 

Living WellFilm Club  (England - 15mins)

This film was made by a group of food bank users in South London about having to use food banks to survive -it was directed, shot and edited by them. http://www.insidefilm.org


Three Minute Warning 

Iqbal Mohammed  (UK/Palestine - 11mins)


In Palestine, a 14 year old girl called Mariam cares for her disabled mother.

One night, an Israeli "knock on roof" bomb is dropped onto their building allowing them only 3 minutes to escape before it's demolished.

This emotional 10 minute drama depicts the reality of civilians in Gaza. www.dynamiqfilms.com




Friday afternoon. Nine people before a wall. Waiting. Who has the right to see?



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United We Will Swim....Again

United we Will Swim 2Is the very deserving winner of the 2015 Small Axe awards. The Jury was unanimous and described the film as an excellent example of high quality filmmaking with a clear social agenda. The film celebrates community action in an engaging and inspiring way while exploring the personal stories, dramas and difficulties that make it such a life affirming experience.
Both  Fran Higson, the film's director, and Jim Monaghan, one of the key members of the community involved, were present at the festival to present the film and answer questions after the screening. A huge thanks to them for travelling so far to be with us.
For more on the film and the ongoing project:

Shortlist 2015

The Ghosts of March 21

The Ghosts of March 21

Cronistas / Radical Praxis Prodcutions / Director Sam Stoker

30mins USA

An interrogation of race, power and justice in the contemporary United States, focuses on the death of 26-year-old Lovelle Mixon and the factors that led him to kill four Oakland police officers before losing his life in

the deadliest confrontation in Bay Area law enforcement history.


Witches and Bitches

Jack Brindelli

30mins UK

Completing the Horror Cuts trilogy, Jack Brindelli explores the political implications of possession and witch films, and examines just how deep Hollywood's fear of empowered women goes.


Last Pit

Last Pit in the Valley

Irwell Valley Mining Project

24mins  UK

The last pit in the valley is about Agecroft Colliery in Salford, which was situated in the Irwell Valley. When it closed in 1990 it brought to an end 200 years of Coal mining in the area. Produced as part of the Irwell Valley Mining Project. which received Heritage Lottery Funding

John Lewis May 2015 01060701

Living Wage at John Lewis

Platform Films

8mins  UK

A protest against outsourcing in John Lewis


The Kidnapping of Kai

MBP Video

9 mins  UK

An interview with Kai, who locked on to a lorry at Crawberry Hill Protection Camp in East Yorkshire. What really went on during the 6hrs he was locked on?




United We Will Swim....Again

Fran Higson

26 mins  Scotland

United We Will Swim... Again tells the incredible story of a community's fight to save their pool and bring it back to life. It's one of Glasgow's famous political stories and is brought to life in this inspiring documentary. With original footage from the protest and interviews with the key activists involved, the film aims to inspire and motivate community engagement and action in the hope that ordinary people will assert their power and challenge short sighted local government decisions.

Remembering Salt title (1)

Remembering Salt

Ron Verzuh

18:26mins   Canada

A re-showing of the 1954 film Salt of the

Earth recalls the struggle to get the film into cinemas in North America

and rekindles the spirit of resistance in a small town in rural British

Columbia, Canada.

Winning Films 2014

Kappu Kalina Shaitana (Devil In The Blackstone)   Best Student Fiction Ananya Kasaravalli – India – 20 mins A beautifully shot and engaging piece of storytelling with a simple and effective twist. This film provides a compelling portrait of people struggling to get by in poverty. It explores how powerful influences are stacked against the poorest in society and how small moral choices become disproportionately difficult under such pressure.
Out Of Darkness Cometh Light   Best Student Factual / Documentary Emily White – UK – 4:20 mins An excellent example of the poetic form in documentary. This film is engaging and enjoyable to watch while raising interesting ideas and an emotional response to the subject. Being human is about more than material things. This film explores how our ideas, dreams and shared culture can overcome the physical environment we live in. This is a great example of how films can explore ideas in ways that other mediums cannot.
Immigrants Are Hiding?   Best Activist Fiction WORLDbytes – UK – 29 secs This is arguably the most efficient film in the entire festival. It makes a political point, comments on society, and slips in a joke all in less than 29 seconds.
The Racket  Best Activist Factual / Documentary Joe Jenkins – UK – 20 mins This is a powerful documentary exploring an interesting debate from an original angle. It contains fascinating insights and research. The film is focused and clear communicating a consistent message without imposing a personal agenda. This is an excellent example of classical, well researched and informative documentary filmmaking.


Best Student Film Fiction

Red Source   -   ALRA

Devil in the Black Stone   -   Ananya Kasaravalli

Civvy Street   -   Matt Worthington

Best Activist Film - Fiction

Against the Norm   -   Iqbal Mohammed

Immigrants are hiding?   -   WORLDbytes

CARE   -   Blanche's Nickelodeon

Best Student Film - Factual/Documentary

Traces of My Uncle   -  Ceren Saner

Perspectives - Alexandros Papathanasiou

Out Of Darkness Cometh Light  -   Emily White

Best Activist Film - Factual/Documentary

Reach   -   Voices that Shake! / Rainbow Collective

The True Little Tramp   -   Jack Brindelli

Just Me  -   Matthew Kennedy

Po Po   -   Migrant Media

Bob Crow: Don't Mourne, Organise - Platform Films

The Racket - Joe Jenkins